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TBL 6×51: Train the Trainers Day!

Previously on The Biggest Loser… JOE WAS SENT HOME.

Oh, sorry. That was Monday’s episode. I’m still so happy!

Last night saw the sending home of Rebecca, again, after her unsurprising loss to Sarah in a tug-o-war.
The remaining contestants then went on their Reflection Hike, loading backpacks with the weight they’ve lost over the past however many weeks it’s been and hiking their way through some sand dunes, the location of which was not disclosed. That I can recall, anyway.


Then an off-road race versus an off-road car. Huh? Cars go faster than people.
Also Leigh will hop out of a perfectly good plane! Tandem skydive to overcome his fear of heights. Maybe.
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TBL 6×50: Left. Left. Left Right Left. I left my wife in New Orleans…

Previously on The Biggest Loser Joe got sent home HAAAHAHAHAHa hahaha haaaaaa.

We had a replay of the old fatness versus the new skinniness with the time capsule video recordings they did so many months ago.
There was also another Contest, pitting the remaining contestants against each other with the loser being sent home…

Tonight we find out who loses the tug-o-war between Sarah and Rebecca to decide last place.
Later the yearly trek into the past begins, with contestants regaining their weightlosses via sandbags as they hike through sand dunes talking about how much they hated being so heavy and they’ll never go back to that, etc etc.

Rebecca dearly wants to win the tug-o-war to stay in the competition. Sarah wants to stay as well but she has a bung hand so she’s not sure she’ll be able to hold on well enough.
Leigh’s thinking Rebecca might have the strength to overcome Sarah. I think Leigh’s living in dream land. Sarah has a massive weight advantage, she ought to win easily.
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TBL 6×49: Another Elimination, another Contest… and a time warp!

Does anyone else find it kind of annoying that The Biggest Loser didn’t air due to Good Friday but it is airing on Anzac Day, despite not ordinarily airing on Mondays?

Just me? Okay.

Last night on The Biggest Loser… JOE GAINED WEIGHT! HAHAHAHAHA.
Lara was sent home, again, after losing at the challenge to get back into the house.
Rebecca and Emma both made it straight back into the house and now Nathaniel and Joe are battling it out to stay in the house.

Also tonight we have a revisit with Dr Swan and his Bio Age calculations. Also a revisit with their former fat selves who have a message for their future selves. It’s like time travel! Only not…

A new challenge will also kick off and it’ll be another that ends in an elimination. Though we’ll probably not see that until Wednesday.
Whyyyyyyy? Why must you mess with the airing days right in the last week?!


Joe and Nathaniel are still rowing away. Joe’s talking about how he’s having to compete against Nathaniel and it makes him feel terrible but he’s just got to do it to stay in the game.
Nathaniel’s still just ahead. Exactly where he was last night. Surprising!
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TBL 6×48: MORE BALLS. And a stunning result at the weigh-in…

Previously on The Biggest Loser the super hot Lara came back, hooray!

The returnees faced off in three rounds of putting basketball eggs in baskets. The final round is Lara versus Nathaniel.

Which is where tonight picks up!
Also tonight another weigh-in looms and Elimination comes with an extra twist of some kind. Looks like the two below the Yellow Line will have to compete to stay in the game? Or maybe the two returnees? I dunno.

I’ll find out and write it down somewhere or other…
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TBL 6×47: BALLS.

Previously on The Biggest Loser all the eliminated contestants weighed in, once again, but this time in a showdown to see who’ll get to return to Camp Biggest Loser.

In the end Lara, Rebecca, Nathaniel and Emma won the right to come back to Camp.

Tonight they’ll begin facing off against each other to decide who actually gets to stay!

But first, footage we saw last night. Hooray!

As they look out at the boat again they’re trying to work out who’s on the boat and they think one might be Lisa… and then someone says oh, that’s Lara! Leigh boggles. As she comes off the boat Leigh says she looks like a Bond girl. She looks hot!
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