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9×30 – Train the Trainers!

Previously on The Biggest Loser Jane was sent home at the elimination after Kevin was sent home at the end of the Super Challenge. Many tears were shed as the Awesome Foursome became a threesome. And possibly a twosome, if Kerry and Craig can win at the last weigh in…

Tonight Dr Swan is back to tell the contestants their new life expectancies. Then it’s time for the contestants to train the trainers, with some added farm shenanigans for good measure.

As the trainers arrive for training the shoe is on the other foot. The contestants all have their own custom shirts with nicknames on the back. Kerry’s The Mean Machine, Sharon’s the Pocket Rocket, Katrina’s Super Kat, Toni’s the Smiling Assassin and Craig’s Crusher. They all have baseball caps with Ararat PT stitched on the back. Very cool!

Time to train the trainers. The trainers knew this was coming, of course, and they’re up for the challenge. Shannan says they’ve earned the chance to do this, they’re the final five, time for them to suck it up and show the contestants it’s not just talk on their end.

As they’re lead off for their sessions Steve says goodbye and he hopes the medics can be in three places at once!

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8×32 – Train the Trainers!

Previously on The Biggest Loser everyone was in New Zealand! Richard and Amber won a ticket straight to the finale and Janet and Kirsten have a one kilogram penalty for the final weigh in.

Tonight the final four teams return to train a bunch of schoolkids. And then train their trainers. Payback’s a bitch! And then a surprise photoshoot. Going to get all glammed up again and have some fancy pictures taken by a fancy photographer. Fancy!

The final four return to Camp Biggest Loser only to find the trainers in workout gear waiting for them. Shannan welcomes them back and then says it wouldn’t be Biggest Loser without a surprise for them. Janet was hoping for at least a chance to breathe. Nope!

Time to pay back the community who’ve supported them these past few weeks. Out the back of the house is 350 school kids and their teachers and the contestants will be training them!

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TBL 7×67 – TRAIN THE TRAINERS!!! Michelle Bridges is the hottest lady ever.

Previously on The Biggest Loser… no more Switzerland. My heart is broken.

As is Margie’s after having to send Bek home at elimination.

And then the contestants will be called on to train a random bunch of Aussies in a field somewhere.
You might even see me. Sitting on the sideline eating donuts. (Not really.)

The trainers are waiting for the contestants to come back into Loser Lounge to see who got sent home.
Shannan’s shattered to see Bek isn’t there anymore, chalking it up to the original contestants voting out the interloper.

Brenda’s glad to still be there but also sad because she’s lost Bek. Brenda wasn’t alone, she has the trainers and the other guys but it was still good to have Bek there supporting her.
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TBL 6×51: Train the Trainers Day!

Previously on The Biggest Loser… JOE WAS SENT HOME.

Oh, sorry. That was Monday’s episode. I’m still so happy!

Last night saw the sending home of Rebecca, again, after her unsurprising loss to Sarah in a tug-o-war.
The remaining contestants then went on their Reflection Hike, loading backpacks with the weight they’ve lost over the past however many weeks it’s been and hiking their way through some sand dunes, the location of which was not disclosed. That I can recall, anyway.


Then an off-road race versus an off-road car. Huh? Cars go faster than people.
Also Leigh will hop out of a perfectly good plane! Tandem skydive to overcome his fear of heights. Maybe.
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Biggest Loser Australia 3×69: Train the Trainers, Audition Tape Redux and Dream Outfits Day!

Tonight on The Biggest Loser… wait, what episode is this?

SIXTY-NINE, DUDE! Awww yeah.

Ahem. Tonight on The Biggest Loser is Train the Trainers day and Dream Outfits day all rolled into one.
Can the contestants make Shannan or Michelle puke?

Read on to find out…
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