JaneName: Jane
Age: 42
Lives: Ararat, Victoria
Status: Single
Occupation: Electrical production supervisor at AME systems
Favourite foods: Pizza, pastry, fried food
Motivation to lose weight: Jane is sick of lying to everyone that she is “happy” to be single. Her ultimate dream is to fall in love and fix a rundown house with her future partner by her side, as well as travel the world.

Jane is always a joker and gets along with everyone, male or female. She is always there for others and to have a laugh, but deep down she is secretly lonely and longing for love.

She describes herself as lonely and not confident. Jane loves living in Ararat as it is safe and she knows everyone. A firm fixture of the Ararat community, Jane is known as “the terminator”at work as she puts castings on electrical wiring.

Jane has never been fit. She has dabbled in lacrosse and visiting the gym, but she has always been big. “I don’t know what it would be like to be skinny.” Along with physical signs like high blood pressure, she carries emotional scars. She feels she has never really had a sense of self due to her weight and will always cover up just how lonely she is. She eats out of boredom and comfort and would rather sit at home than go out. She counts her online game partners as her friends as she feels safe behind a computer where she can’t be judged physically.Even though Jane is from a large family – she has seven brothers and sisters – she has never been in a relationship. She previously resigned herself to being a spinster, but has since changed her mind. “I desperately want to find a partner to share my life with now.” Her Nieces and Nephews mean everything to her and she is looking forward to becoming a fitter and healthier Aunt so she can play with them more often.

Jane has never had much motivation to lose weight up until now. Jane is taking The Biggest Loser as a sign to get her life back on track:“it is no longer ok to live a mediocre life, I want to meet a partner, travel the world and really shine. There is far more to life than what I am doing now.”