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TBL 7×25 – White Warrior Warcamp. Keep out. They smell. (Oh, hamburgers!)

Previously on The Biggest Loser Bek got sent home at Elimination. Awwww.

Then after a midnight training session and race back to Camp the White Team has been banished to the bush to camp out for a couple of nights. No gym equipment, no beds, no showers. They gonna stiiiiink!
An endurance based Contest kicked off with a champion from the Red, Black and Blue teams having to stand on a pole out in the water. Last one still standing wins the power of The Walk.

Tonight we find out who wins between Red and Black as Hamish has already fallen off.
Also, Temptation! Including a pavlova as one of the options. I want a pavlova so bad. I’d totally fail at that Temptation.

Anyway, Margie and Simon have been balancing so long Hayley ups the ante some more and tells them they’ve got to balance on one foot until one falls.

And Simon teeters and totters and falls into the drink. Margie hops in not long after and is very happy that Red has won yet another Contest.

Three hours and thirty eight minutes is the final time. Crazy!

Margie will now get to go on The Walk. With whatever power that brings.
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TBL 7×24 – Elimination night. Night time training. And a Contest!

Previously on The Biggest Loser Luke was the unfortunate expulsion from Camp for being a drunkard. Who saw that coming?!

Everyone who saw him during his 24 hour leave pass.

Bek and Graham face Elimination tonight with Red and Hamish voting on who to send home.
Also a middle of the night training session from hell for everyone at Camp then a run back again with some dire fate awaiting someone at the end. Dun dun dun!

But first, Bek reliving the betrayal last night by her Team.

Then, Red and and Hamish have to write down their votes, again.

Margie’s close to Graham and Bek and it’s nothing personal but her vote is going based on who really needs to stay there and she hopes she’s not hated for this but her vote has gone to Bek.
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TBL 7×23 – Who is being expelled from Camp Biggest Loser?

Previously on The Biggest Loser there was an elimination and a contest and a challenge and a Temptation and…

Let’s be honest, the only reason you’re watching Monday’s show or reading this recap is because you saw the start of the wild party and are wondering who’s getting kicked out of Camp.

There might also be a weigh-in tonight, perhaps some training but due to the expulsion it’s probable that there won’t be another elimination.
Of course if the expelled contestant is one that otherwise had Immunity, that will be doubly hilarious!

I mean awful. Just awful. Bad behaviour. Tsk.

White Team has a 3kg disadvantage going into the weigh-in, if it happens. But it looks like we’ll be going straight into the line-crossing shenanigans at the party “last night”.
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TBL 7×22 – Freakin’ Friday Flashback Fest!

It’s Friday, Friday, now I gotta recap on Friday. I am really looking forward to the weekend!
This week’s seen quite a bit of activity but know what’s coming on Monday it all seems a little calm-before-the-storm.

But nevermind all that, this week saw Ryan eliminated, Luke, Lydia and Hamish getting 24 hour leave passes from Camp and a whole lot of drama within the Blue and White Teams during the weekly challenge.
Tonight Hamish finally toughens up in training. Lurrrrrrrrrrrve in the house with some more Lisa/Simon shenanigans. And Commando Steve gets militaristic with his Team.

Also a catchup with Ryan and a minimakeover for the biggest contestant in history.

But before any of that let’s see a bunch of footage we saw earlier in the week yay! -_-
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The Biggest Loser US faces mutiny by contestants

While the Australian version of the show will be dealing with its first expulsion from the competition on Monday the original US show is facing a very serious problem of its own.

TMZ is reporting that contestants on the show have walked off in the middle of taping an episode to protest the producer’s decision to have some previously eliminated contestants return to the competition.

We’re told most of the current contestants were pissed — feeling it was unfair that prior losers would get a second bite at the apple … so they banded together and decided to protest by walking off the show in the middle of shooting an episode.

(Source: TMZ )

Of course here in Australia they’ve been using that twist every season, to the point where it’s barely even considered a twist. The question is when, rather than if. The first season of the show almost resulted in legal action being taken by Adro due to the very late return of a contestant. Later seasons have reintroduced contestants at various times but never once the “Final Four” stage is reached.

It’s not clear how many contestants were still in the running, nor how many might be returning in the US version of the show. But this is a huge dilemma for the producers who may now have to reorganise the show’s schedule around the eliminated contestants not coming back or the potential for the remaining contestants to all be ejected from the show.

Depending on how this turns out for them we may even see a rethink by the Australian team for the next season down here. Next year’s contestants will have heard about this before going into Camp and might decide they’re not real keen on the idea, either.


TMZ‘s now saying two of the mutineering contestants have been dumped from the show and producers are considering using the mutiny in the show itself.

Still no official comment from anyone involved, including NBC.