Jules’ Profile PictureAge: 34
Height: 170
Start Weight: 130
Current Weight: 170
Target Weight: 75
Hometown: Gordonvale
Team: Blue

In every series of The Biggest Loser, there is always one brave contestant who is motivated by personal human tragedy, and in this year’s competition, Jules is quite obviously that character. Put quite bluntly, this aspiring psychologist has been hounded by bad luck, losing the men she loved – first her brother, then her husband.

Even now, as this warm character faces the arduous task of surviving a highly competitive contest, her oldest child is fighting chronic illness. Since her husband’s death, Jules has raised 3 kids on her own. As the sole parent, it’s imperative that she maintains her own health and ensures the survival of her family. She hopes that The Biggest Loser will not only improve her physique but also provide a rare opportunity to come to grips with the loss of her husband.

Jules knows she cannot undo the misfortune of the past, but she can take the necessary actions to alter her future. Powered by tragedy and bravely accepting the challenges of an incredibly tough competition, Jules is sure to win plenty of hearts among The Biggest Loser’s massive audience.

Note: This page will be updated as the series progresses!

Weightloss Progress:

  • Week 0: 126.5kg
  • Week 1: 120.2kg – LOSS: 6.3kg
  • Week 2: 118.2kg – LOSS: 2kg
  • Week 3: 115.1kg – LOSS: 3.1kg
  • Week 4: 111.4kg – LOSS 3.7kg
  • Week 5: 106.9kg – LOSS: 4.5kg
  • LEFT: Medical reasons
  • Notes:

    Jules, who was popular both in the house and with viewers, was forced to leave the show shortly after the Week 5 weigh-in, due to concerns about a heart condition she has been suffering for a long time which was not holding up as well as the doctors had hoped.

    The decision was eventually made that she should return home and undertake a much less rigorous training regime there, much to everyone’s disappointment.

    Sicne first appearing on the show, Jules has managed to lose 27kg, and she continues to lose weight at home.