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Update on Season 7 contestant Lydia!

Knowing how much everyone loves updates on past contestants I thought I would draw people’s attention to this piece ABC Radio Hobart did on Lydia Hantke from Season 7 of The Biggest Loser Australia.

Since appearing on the show Lydia has become a personal trainer, a mum for the first time, and one of those crazy power lifting people.


If you’d like to know more, click through to the ABC News website.

(I don’t know if anyone will ever read this, but just in case…!)

TBL 11×27 – And the REAL winner of The Biggest Loser Transformed is…

Previously on The Biggest Loser Transformed the whole bloody season happened! If you’re only tuning in now you’re a bit weird. If you missed most of the season because they changed the timeslot, well, that’s not your fault. It’s the fault of all the people who weren’t watching the show!

Today, in another new timeslot for the show, we finally find out who wins the really big prize, $100,000 for the best transformation. But we only get to pick from the final 6, even though basically everyone agrees either Anna or Jake should win. But they can’t, because they got eliminated.

Also, it’s a “Studio 10 Special Event” to try and claw back some ratings. The ladies from Studio 10 and Joe Hildebrand are hosting the show, but Fiona, Libby and Shannan are all dolled up and have chairs to sit in.

First up, Shannan is asked why he thinks it rated so poorly. Ouch, guys!

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TBL 11×26 – Final Transformations revealed! See end of post for voting details!

Previously on The Biggest Loser Transformed the first and less well rewarded winner of the season was announced. Brett lost the most weight (by percentage) over the course of the competition and took home $50,000!

Today the contestants go home and face the real world for the first time in a while. Can they keep up their weightloss journey on the outside?

Also, the final transformations are revealed! All the contestants get dolled up for our viewing and judging pleasure. Voting starts at the end of the episode, presumably, with the winners being revealed on Monday! (See end of post for voting details!)

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TBL 11×25 – And the winner of The Biggest Loser Transformed is…

Previously on The Biggest Loser Transformed the contestants competed for some kind of advantage in today’s challenge. Somehow Sophia managed to win the challenge despite the odds.

Today, epic series of challenges! Who will go home afterwards? Will Sophia’s advantage be worth anything? And who has lost the most weight and wins the $50,000 prize?

I thought that was happening at the finale? No? Okay.

Everyone’s excited for the epic challenge today, but also nervous because they definitely don’t want to go out in the last elimination.

They’re at Manly Dam today. Didn’t realise Manly had a dam? Well, there’s a dam called Manly Dam and it may or may not be at Manly.

Epic series of challenges today. First round is a duel challenge, go head to head with another competitor. Win and get a spot in the qualifying round, where you get a chance to grab your spot in the top six. Lose your duel and you progress to the elimination round, where one person will be sent home.

Sophia, want to know what your advantage is? You don’t have to do a duel, you get straight into the qualification round. So she’s safe from elimination for winning yesterday’s dumb water challenge? Straight into the top six? Boo.

First duel, Brett v Lynton. Run around the oval course in the water trying to catch up and tag the other person.

Lynton’s really fast, even in the water. But because the oval goes through the deeper water you get slowed down, then can make up ground in the shallows. It’s a tight race, with Lynton trying to catch up to Brett enough in the deeper bits to catch him in the shallows.

In the end, it’s decided in the deep as Lynton makes a desperate lunge to catch Brett. Brett will face the elimination round now, while Lynton’s the second into the qualifying round.

Next up, Lisa-Faye (not a real name) versus Nikki. Which doesn’t seem a very fair matchup for Lisa-Faye (not a real name) because Nikki’s a lot lighter, a lot fitter. But she’s determined to go out hard and try to catch Nikki early before she runs out of strength. And it’s working at first, as she gains ground on Nikki early.

Shannan’s urging Nikki to dig deeper, but she’s only got to stay ahead of Lisa-Faye (not a real name) for a little longer as she’s finally out of energy. Nikki makes a desperate lunge but comes up short. More laps!

Lots of encouragement from the trainers and the other contestants. Fiona can only look on making various anxious faces.

Nikki’s finally through to the qualifying round and Lisa-Faye (not a real name) is into the elimination round.

Simmo v Simon for the next match up. Simon’s tall and skinny and runs well, this should be his, but it might take a long, long time.

But no! Simon pushes the pace and manages to tackle Simmo into the water. Simon helps him back up afterwards.

Nikki, Simon and Lynton have won their way into the qualifying round with Sophia. The top two in this round will win their way straight into the top six. Bottom two go into the elimination round, where one person will go home.

Qualifying round, run to the end of the dam and pick up a baton, then run back and drop the baton in a box and swim out and around a flag in the water, come back and win! Boys have to swim around a flag a bit further out than the girls, though the run is the same length for both.

Simon takes a huge lead in the running leg while Lynton and Nikki are fairly close. Lynton just in the lead, of course.

Sophia is a long way back, telling us her legs are burning and so on.

Simon’s first back to the beach and gets his shirt, shoes and socks off and heads off into the water. Lynton’s still ahead of Nikki at the changeover.

Turns out Sophia wasn’t kidding about being a strong swimmer though, as she’s gaining ground on Nikki during the swim. Nikki’s ahead of Simon as she turns around her flag, but Nikki’s not a strong swimmer while Simon is still powering along.

Everybody’s quite surprised at Sophia’s swimming… but it’s not enough to get past Nikki, who comes in first! Her and Sophia both go into the top six. Bit of a bogus challenge, Simon comes in a long way behind either of the ladies so clearly they made the boys swim too far. Unless someone wants to try and argue that Sophia is that much fitter than Simon?

Two hours later, elimination round time! Simon, Brett, Lisa-Faye (not a real name), Lynton and Simmo will now battle it out.

Elimination round starts at the far end of the dam wall. Run back to the start, then kayak out onto the water. Boys around the further green flag again, Lisa-Faye (not a real name) around the yellow flag. First four contestants across the line join the top six, last across the line is eliminated.

Ready, steady, run!

Lynton’s taking an early lead in the run, but Simon goes past him about halfway across the dam and continues to hold the lead back out onto the beach. Simon’s clearly not happy with just not coming last in the challenge.

Lisa-Faye (not a real name) is coming last after the run, of course, but if I recall correctly she was really good in the kayak challenge way back at the start? With the shorter distance for her to kayak she’s still very much in the game.

Going around the boy’s buoy Simon is well in the lead, but he goes too wide around the buoy and Lynton and Brett catch up a bit. Lynton and Brett are getting tangled up a bit though, so Simon can hold down his lead.

Meanwhile Lisa-Faye (not a real name) has gone around her buoy and is now in the lead!

Simmo’s in last place, which means basically $50,000 going begging because his weightloss is well ahead of everyone else’s.

Simmo is trying to chase down Lynton, while Lynton is starting to flag a little.

Lisa-Faye (not a real name) is across the line first, which is even more bogus than the earlier challenge. It’s a physical challenge, the strongest men are so far behind her!

And coming in last… Simmo. Poor Simmo. He’s been the best performer all season and gets shafted out of a spot right at the very end. Everyone’s gutted for him. Even Lynton, who managed to hold him off, knows it’s a bittersweet victory.

Simmo says he gave it everything and Shannan knows he must have, because it was a foregone conclusion he’d win the $50,000 tomorrow. Simmo’s still proud of his achievements in weightloss and getting his mental attitude back on track. And he’s made some great friends on the show. He believes in himself again, so he can go out with his head held high.

Shannan says saying goodbye to Simmo almost brought him to tears. He was so graceful in defeat. He says in front of the others he wishes there were more blokes like Simmo in the world because it would be a much better place. His Mum would be so proud.

Bye Simmo! Everyone has hugs and kind words for him on the way out. Brett says he’s fussy about who he calls a mate, but he’s happy to call Simmo a brother. Awww!

Fiona’s in tears too! Aww!

Congratulations top six! Tomorrow (in their time, it’s starting on today’s show), final weigh-in for the competition. Whoever has lost the most weight since the start will win the $50,000. And since Simmo’s gone, it could be a surprise who takes it home!

Weigh-in room for the last time! Whoever wins this one gets the $50,000 prize.

Over the next week they’re going to take what they’ve learned on the show and apply it to their lives at home, then face a public vote for who has transformed themselves the most bestest, to win $100,000. That’s happening in the Very Special Episode of Studio 10 on Monday, starting some time after 11am, probably.

First to weigh-in for the last time is Lisa-Faye (not a real name) who probably won’t win $50,000.

Lisa-Faye (not a real name) Start Weight: 103.5kg
Current: 82kg
Loss: 21.5kg
Percentage: 20.77%

She’s very happy, and proud of herself. She knows it’ll be tough at home, but she’s sure she’s learned enough to make it on the outside.

She’s currently in first place, surprise!

Brett Start Weight: 116.8kg
Current: 91.5kg
Loss: 25.3kg
Percentage: 21.66%

Brett’s pretty happy with that! His future holds lots of adventures for his kids. Hooray, adventures!

Nikki Start Weight: 78.1kg
Current: 64.7kg
Loss: 13.4kg
Percentage: 17.16%

Simon Start Weight: 108.2kg
Current: 86.8kg
Loss: 21.4kg
Percentage: 19.78%

Lynton Start Weight: 124.2kg
Current: 98kg
Loss: 26.2kg
Percentage: 21.1%

Lynton says he’s a completely different person now, and he’s motivated to keep changing his life for the better.

Just Sophia to go and Brett’s still in the lead. Sophia did get sent home for a while, but she has lost some good numbers during the competition. Might be close?

Sophia Start Weight: 106.3kg
Current: 84kg
Loss: 22.3kg
Percentage: 20.98%

Of course she didn’t win! Brett’s won $50,000 and the title of The Biggest Loser for 2017! Confetti!

Brett’s in tears after getting all his congratulatory hugs. Even Fiona hugs him! Fiona tells him his family would be proud and he should be proud of himself. Brett says his wife has been doing the hard yards at home and he loves her. Aww!

The competition is not quite over yet. Everyone now has to return home and continue their transformation ahead of the vote next week. Whoever the public decides has made the biggest transformation will win the $100,000 grand prize.

Tomorrow, everyone heads home to see their families. Everyone gets to show off their changed bodies and attitudes… but old temptations challenge some of the contestants.

Who will win? Lisa-Faye (not a real name), Nikki, Sophia, Lynton, Simon or Brett?

… I hope it’s Nikki. She’s seemed lovely throughout the competition. So that’d be nice.

TBL 11×24 – Benchmarking the newly slimline and overclocked contestants!

Previously on The Biggest Loser Transformed Josh was sent home after failing in the final arena challenge of the year. And possibly the final one ever, since the show is unlikely to return.

This was the second time Josh was sent home, the first time being earlier in the season due to a team vote. So at least he got to experience both kinds of elimination. Always look on the bright side!

Today it’s time to revisit the benchmark test they did way back at the start of the competition. How much has their fitness improved since then? Also, a final mind health session with Glenn McKintosh. And another challenge kicks off. Busy day!

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