TBL 11×27 – And the REAL winner of The Biggest Loser Transformed is…

Previously on The Biggest Loser Transformed the whole bloody season happened! If you’re only tuning in now you’re a bit weird. If you missed most of the season because they changed the timeslot, well, that’s not your fault. It’s the fault of all the people who weren’t watching the show!

Today, in another new timeslot for the show, we finally find out who wins the really big prize, $100,000 for the best transformation. But we only get to pick from the final 6, even though basically everyone agrees either Anna or Jake should win. But they can’t, because they got eliminated.

Also, it’s a “Studio 10 Special Event” to try and claw back some ratings. The ladies from Studio 10 and Joe Hildebrand are hosting the show, but Fiona, Libby and Shannan are all dolled up and have chairs to sit in.

First up, Shannan is asked why he thinks it rated so poorly. Ouch, guys!

Shannan thinks it was a couple of reasons, mostly that it challenged a lot of people. When the contestants are 250kg there’s a separation people experience, because they’re not that big themselves. Having smaller people challenged viewers.

Fiona was on the show back in the day, how has it changed her life? She learned to take care of herself properly, learned she’s worth taking care of, changed the way she eats. She says she was using food as a “crux”. Do another take OH WAIT YOU CAN’T IT’S LIVE!

Libby says they all look fantastic, they’ve had the time on the show and the time at home, with the trainers and stuff. Fiona says it’s been good because they’ve had time at home to build muscle and get really fit, which past contestants haven’t really had before.

Fiona struggled a little when she first got home and she’s hoping some of them won’t have had such a hard time because they’ve had the long three months between filming finishing and coming on the show today.

Now, a compare and contrast between the two trainers and their training styles. Lots of shouting and hard pushing from Shannan and bouncy bubbling from Libby. Shannan says he can’t see any difference between the two styles and Libby has a giggle.

Libby ended up with four contestants in the finale but Shannan points out his two came top of the weightloss board. Hah!

Voting is still open at the moment but by the time you’re reading this it won’t be. Show’s over now. And hopefully Nikki’s won!

Now, Brett! What was Brett’s journey like, where’s he ended up? He used to be a professional boxer and he’s hoping to regain his fighting form.

Brett was crowned Biggest Loser, at least by weightloss, and won $50,000 already.

Standard side-by-side walk with his former self to come out on stage. The Studio 10 people are all hugs and “oh my gosh” and stuff. This is so cringeworthy.

Brett’s daughter gave him a necklace before going on the show, she kissed each of the beads and said if he’s finding it hard know she’s there with him. Brett’s Mum and Dad died fairly young, Mum of cancer and Dad of complications from diabetes, so he wanted to break the cycle.

Joe then says you’ve not really appeared on Studio 10 until you’ve taken your shirt off. Sure hope that rule applies to all the ladies as well, I’ve not watched the show before, is that how it works?

Brett’s wife is in the crowd and is appreciative of the changes. Shannan asks if she feels like she’s having an affair with a new man and she laughs and says yes.

If you want to vote for Brett, it’s too late, and why would you vote for Brett anyway? He’s sitting beside Ita Buttrose and making his tiger tattoo ripple. Ew.

Lisa-Faye (not a real name!) is up next. Her husband’s a chef so it must have been hard to keep her weight down, Sarah Harris says.

Libby has changed Lisa-Faye’s (not a real name) life forever, she can’t think Libby enough for that.

For the Lisa-Faye (not a real name) side by side catwalk they’ve done it wrong as the fat one is the same height as the skinny one with heels, which makes the fat one look much bigger.

Lisa-Faye (not a real name) had her son quite late, at 41, so she knew if she didn’t get healthy she wouldn’t get to see enough of her son growing up.

Lisa-Faye (not a real name) has a new job as the catering services manager of the new Perth Stadium. Lots of walking around, very active job, so she’s really looking forward to it.

Now, want to vote for her to win? You can’t! It’s all over by now! Sorry!

Next up, Lynton. He was struggling to get moving, having never exercised a day in his life. So he signed up for The Biggest Loser!

He’s a flight instructor by trade and was in danger of losing his job due to not passing the medicals. But Shannan is a hard taskmaster and has pushed him and got him into shape. He says it’s been one of the hardest things he’s done, but also one of the best. It’s been a lifechanging experience, all the sacrifices were worth it.

During Lynton’s side-by-side his fat version’s manboobs are jiggling. No sign of manboobs in the after one. Lots of kisses for the ladyhosts of Studio 10, he’s told he’s gorgeous and Joe reminds Sarah she’s married. And Lynton’s girlfriend is in the audience.

Lynton’s lost 43kg now and Sarah’s got an old shirt for him to compare with.

Lynton’s first day of training left him feeling like he was paralysed, but it was just muscle soreness he knows now. Replay of footage of Simmo and Brett helping him drink some water. Lynton can laugh about it now, it was really painful at the time, but you’ve just got to push past it.

Lynton’s girlfriend has also started on the weightloss journey, with Lynton’s help now he’s back. She’s lost 20kg now as well, which is pretty amazing! The girls suggest he should make her hand a bit heavier with a ring. Much laughing!

Nikki! She started at 78kg, which was the smallest start weight in Biggest Loser history, worldwide, which caused a lot of controversy because people said she was too small. Because she was!

But she worked hard and lost quite a lot of weight by the end and looked super pretty and stuff. She actually got below her goal weight by the end of her time at Biggest Loser HQ. And then she got proposed to, awww!

And coming out on stage she’s still looking good! Much better than her old fat self.

Sarah says her low weight at the start was a source of controversy, 78kg is about what she weighs she thinks, so why wasn’t she comfortable with her boyfriend seeing her naked?

But now she’s lost the weight, Kyle her partner has seen her naked! They don’t go into that further, keeping it a bit PG.

Nikki says the dexascan showed she was carrying a lot of fat on her body, even if she didn’t look that big, so it was justified her being on the show.

Joe says that after the journey was done she joked that she’d try on Libby’s dress, which Joe uses as an excuse when his wife catches him in her dresses. Nikki was pleasantly surprised she fit into Libby’s figure hugging dress. She really admires Libby, Libby’s fantastic, so it was great to get into such a hot dress.

Jessica says the connection between the trainers and contestants is really good and Libby says she’s been honoured to have them all in her life.

If you want to vote for Nikki… you guessed it, too late! Hopefully by now she’s won because she’s the best transformation. With Lynton a close second, maybe?

Simon! He wanted to be a fit and active dad, but couldn’t find the time between raising the kids and working.

Lots of pain ensued!

After his time on the show he did the Kokoda Trail, which was a lot more pain, but he managed to get it done and it was very rewarding.

He’s still looking fit and a bit orange again.

Simon says Kokoda was much harder than anything he’d had to do on the show, they could have flown him back on day one of Kokoda so he could do all the Loser stuff again.

While we’re talking to Simon about his life being a struggle before the show we see some footage of Simmo for some reason on the side?

Simon’s wife was astonished he left his phone behind when they went to the park when he got back home. Used to be he’d be checking messages and email and so on.

Yeah, phones are also good for calling emergency services mate. Take it with you and leave it in your pocket, dummy!

Simon’s wife says things have changed a lot, he’s a lot more active, Ita asks if that means “making whoopee” and the wife looks to be struck dumb. Possibly because that’s an incredibly inappropriate question to be asking a stranger?

Anyway, Simon says so long as there’s no more kids. Hah!

10 minutes until voting lines close, so let’s meet Sophia who will only win if it’s been RIGGED.

Sophia wants to get back on the dance floor, which she’s already done. We saw that on the show, Sarah. Silly.

Sophia barely recognises her old self now. Losing 6.6kg in the first week gave her the motivation she needed.

Sophia was eliminated via a team vote at one point but won her way back in. Interestingly, she won back in over Anna. Anna, we saw, went on to absolutely SMASH IT at home, she’s easily the pick for overall transformation, which there isn’t a prize for. Shame.

Anyway, Sophia, hi. She looks like she’s lost some more weight since leaving the show, which is good! Keep it up!

7 minutes until voting lines close!

Sophia struggled at first when she got home, lots of other things to deal with, not just exercising. Food is a big part of their culture, Ita says, and Sophia agrees, saying it’s a way of them showing love, getting people to eat something.

Sophia has to do some dancing with Joe. Never felt sorry for Sophia before now!

5 minutes until voting lines close!

Ad break! Hurry up!

Voting lines have no closed! Votes are being tallied! Winner announced soon!

Sarah asks Fiona about the Transformed moniker and Fiona says yes, it’s about the whole body and mind change.

$100,000 is lifechanging, but they all say they’re never going back regardless. Lisa-Faye (not a real name) says they all know they won’t go back.

Past history of the show says at least some of them will go back, sorry!

Now, replayed footage of the eliminated contestant transformations. We already saw these, they were on the show already!

What’s Libby most proud of in the show? Libby feels lucky to have met everyone on the show, but she’s also proud of the way they’ve gone on to help their family and friends.

Sarah reminds us of the bromance between Brett and Simmo. Aww!

Brett’s a lot calmer at home, has more time for his daughter, much better husband now. Lisa-Faye (not a real name) says her and the group of girls she gathered up to train have improved their health as well. Simon says he got an email from a client who’d been watching his journey on the show and had now lost a good amount of weight himself.

Brett’s daughter now has an “athlete’s breakfast”, berries, oatmeal, yoghurt and coconut water. Probably get a bit more calcium into her, gosh.

Now, finally, who won the damn popular vote and the huge novelty cheque?

And the winner is… LYNTON! Hooray!

The other contestants are just as excited for him as they would have been to have won it themself. Aww!

“How is this going to change your lives?” “Oh, it’s going to be lifechanging.” Thanks, Cara!

Lynton gives Shannan a big bro hug and Libby gives him a big hug and Fiona gives him a big hug and the cheque!

Lynton had been doing it tough for a while before the show, even spending a stint sleeping at the airport because they didn’t have the money to continue improving his career and living somewhere other than a hovel.

… and that’s it for this season of The Biggest Loser Transformed! It’s been a bumpy ride at times, hardly anyone has watched (or been reading the Recap!) but they had to try the experiment of more realistic weightloss at some point. Kind of a shame it hasn’t worked out for them.

What do we think of the eventual winners being Brett and Lynton? Would you watch another Transformed-style season if it came back? It’s probably not coming back, I’m just curious if those who did watch actually enjoyed it.

Anyway, for possibly the last time, it’s time to sign off. Thanks for reading the Recap this year and maybe I’ll see you again some day. If you’d like to follow my other writings you can still find me on Twitter at @Mythor or stay tuned to Player Attack if you’re into video games and associated nerdery.

– Mythor