Gerald & Todd

Gerald and Todd

Name: Gerald
Age: 52
Lives: Victoria
Status: Married
Occupation: Carer for the disabled and owner of a portable toilet business
Motivation to lose weight: Gerald wants to be a better role model for Todd and a better husband to wife Kate. He hopes to reverse his type 2 Diabetes by eating better food and by getting fitter. He is focused and ready to take on the challenge alongside his “mate”.

Name: Todd
Age: 15
Lives: Victoria
Status: Single
Motivation to lose weight: Todd wants to be a famous baseball player and nothing is going to stop him. He would also like to “make his dad proud”. Todd idolises Gerald, but Gerald feels that he looks after him in both good ways and bad ways – especially with eating habits. They do everything together and were both bullied at school. As Gerald says: “the cycle needs to stop…now.”

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