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Biggest Loser News Round Up

The biggest piece of Biggest Loser news from the last few months is that White Team trainer Tiffiny Hall will not be returning to the show next year. She’s leaving the door open for a return in the 2014 season but at this stage she’s taking time off to work on her writing and other projects. [Source]

Producers are saying they’ll stick to three trainers for the 2013 season with Tiff’s absence but you all know what The Biggest Loser is like. Don’t be surprised if there’s a super secret team. My fingers are crossed they don’t call Emazon back up, if so…

In other trainer news, Michelle Bridges has said on Twitter that her leg is back up to full strength after her very bad hamstring tear earlier in the year. So she’ll be in fine buttkicking form once taping of the show starts.

Lastly, in a blog post today former host Ajay Rochester has let rip on Season 1 winner Adro Sarnelli after he posted some apparently rather hurtful comments regarding the overweight and obese members of society, including a mention of “Ajay who?”. Ajay makes reference to the post and replies at length, including some quite scandalous behind the scenes details, though she has not reprinted the original comments that sparked the tirade. Adro deleted them some time after they were posted but they are doing the rounds of the former contestants and a copy was passed on to Ajay.

It’s somewhat of a long read but it’s fascinating and worth checking out. Read the blog post in full on Ajay’s site.

I feel a little queasy just at the thought of chugging tea tree oil, yet I can’t help wondering which former contestant is being referred to there…

If you’ve seen any other interesting Biggest Loser news, feel free to drop a link in the comments section below!