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8×07 – Really Real Elimination Time Really (But Not Really)

Previously on The Biggest Loser they did the half ass fat ass half marathon, earning three couples a 1kg advantage at weigh in. Cher and her Mum have Shannan all to themselves until weigh in, but will it be enough to keep them safe?

Tonight! Big Kev has not turned up to training and Tiny Michelle is NOT HAPPY. Cher’s not coping well with the gruelling training, either. She doesn’t want to do any of it anymore. Awww.

And the first competitive weigh in and elimination are coming up tonight. It should be the second, but they got out of it the first time by collectively losing 100kg!

But as the episode starts we’re treated to Kevin lying in bed and not training. He’s struggling after the half marathon, as you might expect. His Mum says he needs a rest and he’ll be staying in bed, on her orders it seems.

I’m not sure Mish will see it that way!

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8×06 – The Biggest Loser Half Ass Marathon

Previously on The Biggest Loser… THE FRIDGE! Yellow have Shannan all to themselves for the rest of the week. Lucky girls.

Tonight! More training dramas and they’re going to attempt a half marathon again. Already? Okay. Chris and Mark will have a bust up part way through that might come to blows. How exciting!

But first, Anita and Cher are planning out their dinner when their exclusive trainer Shannan exclusively uses their exclusive iPhone to exclusively phone them. Exclusively! Shannan is setting them homework – 10km on the treadmill followed by 10km on the crosstrainer, set on level 6. Whatever that means! Shannan thinks it’s a hard ask but he thinks they can do it.

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8×05 – Flicks with Fatties!

Previously on The Biggest Loser the contestants avoided having anyone eliminated in the first week by virtue of losing more than 100kg at the first competitive weigh in.

Tonight the brand new heavyweight contestants hit the gym for the first time. They’ve got a lot of weight to lose and it’s going to be a hard slog. The contestants also go to the moooooovies… to watch tearjerking home movies of their loved ones talking about how the fat people might DIE.

When do the new contestants jump off the cliff, huh? Bah.

The “original” contestants are freaking out over the new people, thinking they’ve got so much weight to lose. But speculation is also rife – who’ll get the new heavyweights first? And will they crumple under the new training regimen? Don’t forget, these are the same contestants who have been there just one week. So they’re obviously so much fitter!

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New contestant pages and a short interview with Big Kev!

With the introduction of two new pairs of contestants comes two new profile pages: Rosemary & Kevin and Anita & Cher! You can also view them on the official site for a short interview with each, R&K and A&C.

Yes, I’m still amazed Kevin is ambulatory. If you missed it, Big Kev was introduced last night and tipped the scales at a staggering 254.7kg. Read the full episode recap here.

The Daily Telegraph (and probably associated papers) have an article on Kevin today that makes for an interesting read.

“It’s been so my entire life. Every year I have got older, I have got bigger – nothing drastic has happened to trigger it. I was always a lazy kid, I am still lazy, but I’m trying to get out of that.”

Thanks for the tip, Gissy!

What do we think of the new contestants? Is Kevin just too big to be on the show? Leave your answers in the box below!

8×04 – And in the Blue corner, weighing in at… sweet merciful crap!

Previously on The Biggest Loser we met this season’s batch of contestants, they promised to stop being a bunch of fatties, they jumped off a cliff together, worked out (and barfed) together and then they all weighed in without any really amazingly large numbers.

Tonight! Big Kev is coming, the ads keep telling us. The biggest contestant in worldwide Biggest Loser history. More training, with Mish losing her shit at Brett, just before the first competitive weigh in of the year where they might avoid facing elimination altogether if they can lose 100kg as a group.

Then… it’s not just Big Kev, he’s coming with a partner. AND ANOTHER COUPLE. Sneaky fuckers. Look to be the old Shannan blue and a new yellow shirt team. Should rock the boat. Will also bring the groups up to 9 in total, making 3 per trainer. How convenient!

But first, Shannan rocks up with Mish and Commando while telling us that none of the contestants trained last night. It’s not a health retreat, Shannan says, they’re supposed to be burning 600 calories morning and night, lest they go home.

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