Kimberley Profile PictureAge: 32
Height: 173
Start Weight: 141
Current Weight: 121
Target Weight: 99
Hometown: Sydney

Being the odd one out among thin family members, Kimberlie has always been aware of her weight problem, but an addictive attraction to rich foods and huge helpings has presented a hurdle that has been difficult to overcome. She’s tried countless weight-loss programs and temporarily shed kilos but she can never quite apply herself to a permanent regime.

A divorcee enjoying new romance, the thought of starting a family has become a priority and the last thing Kimberlie wants is to pass on her bad habits to kids. A revolution in attitude is required if this lovable character hopes to find a permanent solution to her problem, breaking the cycle that has plagued her since childhood.

With the help of The Biggest Loser, Kimberlie hopes to put an end to her ravenous desire for rich foods and adopt a regime that will lead to a more fulfilling life.

Weightloss Progress:

  • Week 0: 141.8kg
  • Week 6: 121.5kg – LOSS: 20.3kg
  • Week 7: 119.4kg – LOSS: 2.1kg
  • Week 8: 114.6kg – LOSS: 4.8kg
  • Week 9: 110.4kg – LOSS: 4.2kg
  • Week 10: 105.2kg – LOSS: 5.2kg


Kimberlie started The Biggest Loser in the first week when the other contestants started, however she left the house immediately after weigh-in, along with fellow outsider Chris, and was trained in the outside world by “The Commando”, a well known face on the show who has haunted the nightmares of the existing contestants.

The gap in her weigh-in from Week 0 to Week 6 is because while they were weighed in during their time outside the house, none of those figures were revealed, only the current amount has been recorded.

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Kimberlie’s Makeover