P’eta’s Profile PictureAge: 27
Height: 179
Start Weight: 125
Current Weight: 125
Target Weight: 75
Hometown: Melbourne

It’s true that P’eta was always overweight, but just like many of our contestants, a series of stressful experiences pushed the assertive young woman, taking her from a situation where she was overweight to the more frightening problem of being obese.

From a troubling break-up with a man, the death of a close cousin, the passing of grandparents and finally admitting to her parents that she was a lesbian, P’eta’s anxieties piled up until she turned to alcohol and eating to avoid the stress. Now, happily living in a long-term relationship, enjoying her role as a lecturer and with the full support of her parents, P’eta recognises her weight problem is the one hurdle stopping her from enjoying a bright future.

P’eta wants to be in peak physical condition to start a family – so fit that she may even realise another long-term goal: to finish a triathlon. With The Biggest Loser’s proven ability to change lives, P’eta has found the perfect setting for a startling transformation.

Weightloss progress:

  • Week 1: 131.6kg
  • Week 2: 127.7kg – LOSS: 3.9kg
  • Week 3: 126.3kg – LOSS: 1.4kg
  • Notes:
    P’eta was evicted from the house, falling victim to the aftermath of “The Walk” when Munnalita chose to instantly eliminate her from the game when she was forced to choose someone to leave.

    Since leaving the house, P’eta has lost a further 16.6kg and her partner reports that she is much happier in general. She continues to train and is looking forward to being fit enough to compete in a triathlon!