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TBL 11×10 – Head to head tug offs and more!

Previously on The Biggest Loser Orange lost a team challenge and had to send someone home. And for some reason they chose to send Sophia home. Bit weird.

Tonight Blue Team training is “old school”, Josh gets his results from whatever his medical thing is about and later there’s an arena challenge which promises to “boil over” in some way.

But first, Nikki’s waking Lisa-Faye (not a real name) up and it’s rather quiet. No Steph, no Sophia. Only three girls left, eight guys. Crazy!

Simon’s got earplugs in his ears, apparently his snoring wakes him up. Hah!

People like getting an early training session in, or at least the orange team plus Amy from the Blues, before breakfast. Get 45 minutes in nice and early and they’re ready to go for the day.

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TBL 11×09 – Not enough mud, need more mud, mud mud mud!

Previously on The Biggest Loser Transformed the two teams were tasked with creating a healthy, low cost meal. And the Blue Team actually won for a change!

Tonight it’s another elimination challenge. An epic obstacle course set in Glenworth Valley. Blue have some kind of advantage for the challenge so there’s a chance they might not fail miserably!

Fiona’s in the middle of a muddy paddock with Libby and Shannan and she confirms they’re there for an obstacle course challenge, with the losing team joining her in the elimination room to vote out one of their own.

Week 3, anyone carrying any injuries? Luke and Josh were tussling in the kitchen and he copped an elbow in the ribs. Has a sweet bruise to show for it, but the medics have advised he sit out of the challenge. Real smart, guys!

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TBL 11×08 – Keep those loins moist!

Previously on The Biggest Loser Transformed we said goodbye to Steph after she failed to hold on to a rope for as long as Sophia could hold on to a rope. Eliminations sure have changed.

Tonight the contestants are still too bigly and will have to do some more training. Plus, Hayden Quinn is in the kitchen for some healthy cooking advice, along with making a small budget go a long way. Looks like Shannan and Libby will be in the kitchen this time as well!

Sophia’s feeling guilty about having sent Steph home at the elimination, but everyone’s telling her she deserves to stay as much as Steph did. Sophia was convincing herself she didn’t need to be there as much as Steph did, but she does!

Orange is out on the tennis court playing a bit of basketball, mostly. Sophia’s walking laps of the court. Amy’s the only blue team member present, which everyone thinks is unlikely to impress Shannan. Apparently the blue boys all like a big sleep in.

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TBL 11×07 – In an orange shirt Josh looks like a sweet potato

Previously on The Biggest Loser the Blue Team won a challenge thing! Mostly thanks to the athleticism of Brett.

Tonight, the guy who wants to be a cop, Josh, is too lazy to stick it out in training and so he threatens to walk. Libby points out it’s basically a death sentence but I guess he misses his family? They’ll miss you more when you’re dead, mate!

Also, the second weigh-in of the season is upon us.

Josh thinks he’s maybe doing it harder than the other contestants, he’s questioning if he wants to still be there. Pretty sure some of the others have families they’d like to get back to as well!

Lisa-Faye (not a real name!) is organising breakfasts. Steph’s been struggling with the food in the house because she’s a vegetarian. So to get her protein she’s been eating a lot of eggs. Hope nobody points out eggs are not a vegetarian dish!

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TBL 11×07 – Eat 5,000 calories guilt-free by not giving a fuck!

Previously on The Biggest Loser Team Blue suffered another setback, losing another team challenge and thus having to eliminate another member of their team. This time they chose to send Anna home.

Tonight, Shannan’s got to try and get his team to work together before they’re all eliminated.

Later, The Arena is another team challenge with a 2kg weight advantage at the weigh in to play for. Needless to say, Blue better smash it!

First up, training! Shannan’s disappointed Anna went home, but he’s trying not to focus on it. Amy’s the last girl left, it’s not a boy’s club is it? No, Amy says, she’s been training with the boys over the weekend. It’s fine. Who takes charge in training? Who’s in charge of strategy?

Crickets! Nobody’s in charge. Shannan tells us Libby’s team is always working together, in harmony, playing off each other’s strengths. Shannan tells them their individual efforts yesterday were great but their communication and teamwork let them down. Today’s training session will focus on getting them to work together. So this should be fun!

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