Michelle Cortesao

Name: Michelle Cortesao
Age: 24
Height: 168cm
Lives: Melbourne
Status: Single. Never had a boyfriend
Children: No
Occupation: Works in the family cafe
Quote: “I want this. I’ll work hard all the way to earn it!”
Michelle would like to finally lose all the weight after so many year of struggle. “Now is the time to face my demons and succeed in life.” She looks forward to being able to walk into a shop and buy whatever clothes she desires off the rack.

Michelle is part of a large Portugese family and is the only member who is overweight, her grandma has 13 grandchildren! Michelle was teased about her weight throughout school. High school was a hard experience for her, that’s when she realised she needed help with her weight.

Michelle dreams of marriage and starting a family, her greatest fear is dying alone. She is passionate about music and she has a beautiful voice but is too self-conscious to audition. Michelle hopes to lose the weight and gain confidence within herself.

Despite her unhappy years of being bullied, Michelle sees herself as a strong individual. Michelle looks forward to being educated on how to live well and be a healthier person as right npow she has issues with binge eating and is tempted by sweets. She is preparing herself her the journey by accepting the changes that have already happened and the changes yet to come.

My reason for applying for The Biggest Loser:
To finally lose the weight, after all these years of struggle. Now is the time to face my demons and suceed in life.
I first realised I was overweight and need help when:
I was in year 8 and had just started high-school in WA – it was a hard experience.
I hope to lose weight but gain:
Confidence within myself.
A past contestant I’ve found inspiring is:
Adro – he was so hard working and it paid off. I see a bit of myself in him, he was a great inspiration.
The best part of being on The Biggest Loser is:
The education I will gain in living well and learning how to be a healthier person.
I am preparing myself for this journey by:
Accepting that changes that have happened and the changes that will come.
I think the most difficult part of being on The Biggest Loser will be:
The workouts, but at the end of the day I want results – I want to change.
My biggest weakness is:
Anything sweet.
My biggest weakness is:
Binge eating.
The one thing I want Australia to know about me is:
I am a strong person. Even after these unhappy years I still have the strength to seek change and want a better life for myself.
I think I will win The Biggest Loser because:
I want this and I’ll work hard all the way – you have to work to earn it.
One thing I have never done because I was overweight I will do once I lose the weight is:
Walk into a shop and buy off the rack.