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Michelle Bridges – “The exercise enforcer” – Interview

Well, there’s still no new official site, though we’ve been promised it will be up tomorrow morning, but thanks to an intrepid soul on the TWoP forums, here’s a couple of highlights from an interview The Age had with Michelle Bridges, trainer of The Biggest Loser’s Red Team.

“They were big shoes to fill, stepping into someone else’s role, and we got five people who lost more weight than the winner of the first series when we had six weeks to go.”

I think what she’s trying to say there is that when herself and Shannan took over in Season 2, when they were still six weeks out from the final weigh-in, they had contestants with a better overall percentage loss than Adro, the winner of the first season, had at the finale.

I could go back and check this, but, well, who cares? They done good!

“One of the biggest lessons I learnt last year was that people – even obese people – can do way more than they think they can. I think everybody underestimates how strong they are. When your back’s against the wall, many people think they’d crumble, whereas in most instances, people come out fighting.”

Yes, in most instances – some quit and go home to continue being big fat crybabies. Or get voted out early and go home to continue being a big fat crybaby. Or…

“I know how hard it is for them. I know how hard it is for me to get myself up and out there and train every day. I’m a girl. I know the pressures of being a female. I know what it’s like to put on even a couple of kilograms and your clothing feels a bit tight and how disappointing that can be, let alone another 20 or 30 kilograms.”

Michelle’s life – SO HARD.

She is right though. Okay, so she hasn’t had to lose massive amounts of weight, but you don’t get muscles like that naturally, it requires a lot of work and constant “maintenance” to keep looking sharp. You don’t really need to do that much to stay in decent shape.

The fatties have a heck of a lot more motivation – they’ll probably die of something related to being fat if they don’t do something about it. You’d think that would make it a bit easier to stay motivated, not harder!

If you would like to read the rest of the really fairly interesting article, you can find it over here on The Age’s website.

[Found at: TWoP]

Thirty Contestants for Season 3!

As pointed out by Tronno in the comments section for the newest Loser ad, there are in fact a whopping thirty contestants on screen in the latest ad. There’s a picture after the break in this post so you can even go and count for yourself!

This virtually guarantees there will be three teams, one each for Shannan, Michelle and Commando Steve to train. This also makes it very likely that there’ll be a “Jillian on a motorcycle” moment, though it will more likely be “Steve in a Hummer” instead. Ten for each is quite a few but it’s a darn sight better than fiften a piece for Shannan and Michelle.

Thirty is a lot of contestants. A lot. I think it may even be bordering on just too many. How are we going to keep track of them all, even with all the extra hours per week the Australian version of the show runs?

Ought to be interesting. For the picture, read on…

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New Official Site Today!

Just to let everyone know, if you weren’t already aware, The Biggest Loser Australia’s Official Site ought to be updated today with all the new season stuff. Hopefully profiles of all the contestants, maybe easily accessible versions of each of the ads, maybe some other videos, who knows?

There’s no set time for it to go live, but I’d expect it to be some time in the morning rather than the afternoon, assuming nothing breaks.

Once it does, have a poke around and see what you can find! If you find something interesting, drop a comment in the slot below to let everyone know.

The address is

[Update: It’s been put off until tomorrow. Booo!]

[Update #2: Friday? Maybe?]

Biggest Loser Australia S3 Ad #22135

Oh god, so many ads! So many versions!

There’s bits of new footage in this one, mixed with some stuff you’ll’ve seen. Plus there’s Bob and Jillian!

Probably the most interesting part in there is… the giant mud pit! I’m sure it’ll be a massive challenge for the fatties but I can’t get over the 5 year old response of, “WEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!”

There’s probably also a “pigs in mud” joke in there somewhere, but I’m not going near that… :-)

Biggest Loser Australia S3 Extended Sneak Peek from SMH promo DVD

With many thanks to Peter, for letting me know it existed, and sodo, for telling me where to find it, comes this extended sneak peek into Season 3 of The Biggest Loser Australia, from the promotional DVD that came with today’s Sydney Morning Herald.

This clip is a full five minutes long, with much more footage, including more fleshed out (pardon the pun) footage of certain contestants.

Because of the length, I’m going to put my commentary behind the very first cut of the new season. Continue on if you want to see the clip and read my commentary!

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