Sam & Jess

Name: Sam
Age: 42
Lives: Queensland
Status: Married
Occupation: Used Car Salesman
Motivation to lose weight: Sam wants to be a good role model to daughter Jess and his other children. He wants to feel attractive again and be as fit and healthy as he was 15 years ago. He is ready to give it all he’s got in the name of love. “I can’t wait to feel fitter and to go travelling to the top end of Australia to fish.”


Name: Jess
Age: 21
Lives: Queensland
Status: Engaged
Occupation: Customer Service
Motivation to lose weight: Jess is sick of feeling “fat” and “lazy” as she describes herself, and knows her health is at great risk. “I am looking forward to feeling proud when I go shopping, to being a good role model to Mahlia (her step daughter), marrying Laurence (her fiancée) and looking beautiful.”
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