MattName: Matt
Age: 37
Lives: Stawell, Victoria
Status: Engaged
Occupation: Production Supervisor at AME Systems
Favourite foods: Casseroles and mash, beer, steak and chips, hash browns
Motivation to lose weight: Matt’s main motivation to lose weight is to look good for his wedding to his fiancé Jennifer and to live a healthy life.

Matt wants nothing more than to earn the respect of his peers. After a lifetime of bullying, he is ready to fight back and return to Ararat a different man.

When Matt was younger he was fit and active and played a lot of sports: “I could hold my own on the tennis court.” He has always played golf and currently has a handicap of five, and he knows that by losing weight this could improve greatly. As much as he goes through stages where he will go to the gym, he finds it difficult to stick to anything.

Matt describes himself as an easy-going, happy lad who loves nothing more than hanging out with his fiancé Jennifer and hitting the pub on a Friday night. He feels he has become lazy and complacent in his relationship and struggles with portion size. Jennifer and Matt are due to get married, but both of them are overweight. While matt is working hard in the house, Jen also plans to lose her excess weight for their big day.With a supportive family and a close network of friends, Matt knows that he will achieve his goal to marry Jennifer “looking great”, have children and maybe even fulfill his dream of becoming a pro-golfer.

The Biggest Loser is also his one chance to prove that he has what it takes to show his bullies what he is really made of, get rid of his“plumber’s crack” and hopefully have the chance at taking out the title and the prize.