Sam’s Profile PictureAge: 37
Height: 171
Start Weight: 114
Current Weight: 114
Target Weight: 79
Hometown: Bell Park
Team: Blue

Sam has paid a personal price for her inability to control her weight. Not only has the lonely beauty found it impossible to find Mr Right, she’s also recently found that her employer – a gym for women – no longer wants her back. Apparently, Sam is perceived to be a bad example for the customers!

The problem began when she was a child and turned to food for comfort. It was a trend that continued throughout her life and led to the ultimate Catch 22 as loneliness fuelled the depression, and in turn, the depression led to more binge eating. At age 37, this attractive and lovely single is desperate to stop the rut, find a loving partner and begin a family, before it’s too late.

After seeing the amazing transformations that last year’s contestants experienced, Sam is ready to take the same dramatic steps and become another successful graduate of Australia’s toughest weight loss programme.

Note: This page will be updated as the series progresses!

Weightloss Progress:

  • Week 0: 128kg
  • Week 1: 121kg – LOSS: 7kg
  • Left – Medical reasons forced Sam to leave the competition, as she developed a deep vein thrombosis in her leg.

    She has since recovered and has gone on to lose a further 20.3kg and continues to lose weight at home.