Marty’s Profile PictureAge: 38
Height: 193
Start Weight: 163
Current Weight: 163
Target Weight: 95
Hometown: Cleveland
Team: Red

As a coach driver and tour guide, Marty has found his perfect vocation. There’s nothing this warm fellow loves more than to make people laugh. But the long hours away from home can be demanding and the roadside dinners and rich restaurant food have contributed to his growing weight problem.

After realising that he was ready to finally settle down, Marty was mortified when his partner of 6 years left him. She’d always been worried about the months he spent on the road and the future of a relationship with a man who was quite obviously dangerously overweight. In Marty’s words ‘it cut deep’ and it’s easy to see that this amiable chap is dealing with hidden demons and a deep sadness.

After thinking he had the perfect job and relationship, Marty is back to square one: a single man in his 30s, heavily reliant on the support of his mother. It’s now time for Marty to rethink his future, aiming for a more physically demanding career and a relationship that lasts. The generous and selfless character has to give his health some overdue attention and with the help of The Biggest Loser, Marty’s fitness can finally get the focus it deserves. Thanks to Australia’s most effective weight loss programme, this heartbroken contestant may soon find love again.

Note: This page will be updated as the series progresses!

Weightloss Progress:

  • Week 0: 160.6kg
  • Week 1: 150.2kg – LOSS: 10.4kg
  • Week 2: 146kg – LOSS: 4.2kg
  • Week 3: 141.6kg – LOSS: 4.4kg
  • Week 4: 136.8kg – LOSS 4.8kg
  • Week 5: 130.1kg – LOSS: 6.7kg
  • Week 6: 122.5kg – LOSS: 7.6kg
  • Week 7: 119.9kg – LOSS 2.6kg
  • ELIMINATED (Again)
  • Prelim: 109.9kg – LOSS: 7.6kg
  • Notes:

    After being eliminated at the Week 5 elimination, Marty made a surprise return to the game after the exit of Jules from the White House due to medical problems. After the drama surrounding his elimination involved it is expected his return will fuel further conflict within the house.

    Marty has since earned yet another chance in the game and is now guaranteed a spot in the finale!

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