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TBL 7×67 – TRAIN THE TRAINERS!!! Michelle Bridges is the hottest lady ever.

Previously on The Biggest Loser… no more Switzerland. My heart is broken.

As is Margie’s after having to send Bek home at elimination.

And then the contestants will be called on to train a random bunch of Aussies in a field somewhere.
You might even see me. Sitting on the sideline eating donuts. (Not really.)

The trainers are waiting for the contestants to come back into Loser Lounge to see who got sent home.
Shannan’s shattered to see Bek isn’t there anymore, chalking it up to the original contestants voting out the interloper.

Brenda’s glad to still be there but also sad because she’s lost Bek. Brenda wasn’t alone, she has the trainers and the other guys but it was still good to have Bek there supporting her.
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TBL 7×66 – Loved ones visit. Weigh In. Elimination. Bek is hot. The end.

Previously on The Biggest Loser, ALL the Switzerland. And Graham was sent home at the end of the Uber Challenge, much to the disappointment of people other than me.

Tonight the remaining contestants return “home” to Camp Biggest Loser to surprises galore. First some special visitors and then a surprise announcement at the weigh in.

It’s not going to be a Final Four this year, Hayley announces somewhat ominously.

Margie says they’ve had an amazing week in Switzerland but now they need to get back to normality at Camp.

As they get into Loser Lounge they have a letter already. Hayley’s left them a homecoming present of some kind. UHOH!

There’s a very loud knock on the front door and they go off to see who’s there. Nobody normally knocks on the door so perhaps it’s axe murderers?
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The Biggest Loser Australia 2012 Finale Airs May 8th.

[UPDATE: The Finale has aired. Read the recap of The Biggest Loser Australia 2012 Finale here.]

So I was only one day off!

The Biggest Loser Australia 2012 Finale is scheduled to start at 8pm after an episode of Masterchef on Tuesday, May 8th.

The show is scheduled to run for 2 hours 15 minutes. Channel Ten has the last three quarters of an hour scheduled as a separate episode for reasons that probably make sense to them and nobody else.

Thanks for the heads up,

(Source: TV Tonight )

TBL 7×65 – Thursdays are thpecial!

Tonight! More footage from The Biggest Loser’s trip to Switzerland. Big fluffy doggy, more ice bathing, more snow angels!

Also, Lydia will face her fear of swimming with sharks? Come on, that’s a perfectly reasonable fear that does not require any adjustment to one’s activities to avoid. Why even bother facing that one?

Margie will also be tempted by Mish with some swiss bread with melted swiss cheese all over it.

Bek’s the first video recordist we see video from. She’s interviewing Brenda about her fears (jumping off cliffs or out of a plane!) and Margie says her Mum can have her house if she doesn’t come back on account of being dead.
Alex is fearful of Fear Week and that’s all he’s got to say.

Lots of OH MY GOD and stuff. Very funny.
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I like Switzerland. It’s pretty. :)

The Reflection Hike for this year was over snow capped mountains and is ending with a plunge into an icy lake. I’m feeling cold just looking at the recapped footage.

Tonight! The Super Duper Switzerland Uber Challenge begins. Thrills AND spills are promised and it all culminates in one contestant being eliminated from the competition.

If the elimination doesn’t happen before the end of this NINETY MINUTE EPISODE I’m going to be even more cranky than usual!

But first, more people dunking themselves into the icy lake.
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