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TBL 6×35: More Immunity up for grabs, who wants some?

Previously on The Biggest Loser Joe tried to get everyone to like him and it might almost have worked on Lara and Meg.

A surprise weigh-in was announced with one contestant to earn Immunity if they’ve lost the most weight so far.
Meg was the only one to weigh in last night and she’d gained weight. However she has Immunity and thus can’t win Immunity anyway.

Tonight the weighing continues!
Also, Sarah loses her shit in training. Again. There’ll be shouting and there’ll be gurning and none of us will really care.

As the episode starts all over again…
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Previously on The Biggest Loser Lara won at the weekly Challenge and got to see her Mum. Aww!

Then at Elimination Damien was sent home, again, thanks to Joe being an idiot, again!

Tonight Joe’s got to face up to sending Damien home. I’m sure he’ll put on a suitably sad tone of voice which will be quite different to… his usual dull monotone.

Also “Immunity Week” starts with a 24 hour lockdown of some kind.
Tonight is also the first catch up with an eliminated contestant, Sarah-Jayne.

But as we pick up the post-Elimination loungeroom chat, Kellie asks Joe how he’s dealing with Damien being sent home and Joe says he’s very sorry about it.
Sharlene tells us she’s really not sure whether to believe him because Joe obviously doesn’t care about his family.

Sarah says she was sorry to send home Damien but she thinks Damien’s in a good head space right now and he’ll be doing just fine on the outside, he won’t let his kids down.

Joe then tells everyone that he doesn’t care about the game and he doesn’t care if he gets sent home tomorrow or next week, he’s just glad they had the time in the house to rebuild some of the family relationships that their family had struggled with over the years.
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TBL 6×33: Challenge result, weigh-in, elimination. Fun!

Previously on The Biggest Loser the contestants were finally split into singles.
Sarah won Immunity at Temptation after consuming 2,000 calories worth of choc chip cookies.
Joe won a 1kg advantage for himself at The Contest and gave the other 1kg advantage to Rebecca instead of his brother, a decision that has baffled and appalled most everyone.

Tonight the triathlon challenge continues with Leigh, Lara and Joe battling it out in the final stage to see who gets to spend some time with their loved one.

Later another Weigh-In looms. This will be the first weigh-in since the split into singles and so unexpected things could happen, instead of Red and Black being below the line yet again…
There’ll be an elimination thereafter, no doubt a very dramatic choice, etc.

But first the triathlon continues. Lara’s still in tears while trying to construct her road so she can get to see her Mum. Lara’s the only one without any immediate family in the house. She has her boyfriend and her boyfriend’s Mum but it isn’t the same, Leigh says.
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TBL 6×32: So Tri. Tri. Tri-anti-wonty. Errr, Triathlon!

Previously on The Biggest Loser… oh, Joe, Leigh and Lara were facing off in The Contest.

Even though everyone knows it’s not fair for women to compete against men in such things.

In other unfair news, Melbourne gets a double episode tonight because of the footy on Sunday night. BAH. We want double episode too. Just because we follow a different football code to you…

Tonight we find out who wins The Contest. Lara was gearing up for her weightlifting effort when we left last night.
Later in this episode Michelle is going to tear into Joe, again, and Joe is going to quit at exercise, again.
Also the weekly Challenge kicks off and this time it’s a triathlon. And at the finish line are the people they love most in the world. Awww!

As the episode gets back into gear Lara is still lifting away, almost caught up to Leigh’s tally of 53. She gets to 53 with about 25 seconds to go and pauses for a moment and Leigh calls out to her to keep going.
She then keeps going in an effort to beat Joe as well, but doesn’t quite manage it.
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TBL 6×31: C is for Cookie and that’s good enough for… Sarah!

Previously on The Biggest Loser everyone had a grump at Joe!

The trainers have set up a Pyramid of Fitness challenge for the contestants, most of which we saw last night, bar the final showdown between Leigh and Joe.

Tonight, the final showdown between Leigh and Joe! Treadmills, ever increasing speeds, putting their stamina to the test. For glory!

Later in the episode is Temptation. Various baked goods including COOKIES!
Then there’s some situps-based Contest? Which I assume we’ll see the start but not the end, leaving us waiting until tomorrow to find out who wins…

As the episode returns to the real action Leigh and Joe are eyeing each other off just before the treadmills get started.
8km/hr to start, if you’ve forgotten. Every minute the speed will increase by 2km/hr. Last man still on the treadmill will be crowned the Ultimate Athlete of Biggest Loser 2011.
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