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9×05 – Chains of Pain Fall Mainly on the… something or other.

Previously on The Biggest Loser the champions were put through their paces in the very first training session at Camp Biggest Loser. Cam chucked a wobbly and walked out for a bit but then he came back and did some more rowing and got cheered for it, hooray!

Back in Ararat Secret Weapon Mish had some of the rest of Ararat fill up two dump trucks with loose gravel. Presumably for her new mansion driveway or something?

Tonight! More training and then a challenge on the beach. Fun times ahead.

Hayley comes into the house and tells the contestants that two teams were competing back in Ararat for an advantage to ship up to the house. Black team won the advantage and Hayley says they’re really going to appreciate it when the time comes.

Shannan’s not worried, he’s going to use it to spur his team on.

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Season 9 Contestant/Champion Pages Now Available

With apologies for the delay, the Season 9 Champion Profiles are now available via the top menu. They’re also available here on the official site, but as always I am keeping a copy here because the official site scrubs the old profiles from existence when a season is done airing.

Feel free to leave a comment on any of the profile pages here but do bear in mind this is an unofficial site and the champions may never read anything you have to say. It’s just us random internetters gabbling among ourselves, as is our wont.

Don’t forget the show is on again tonight!

9×04 – Dr Death Predicts Champion’s Demise

Previously on The Biggest Loser Ararat was challenged to be slightly less fat!

They could have sent someone home at the first elimination but they chose solidarity over “the game”.

Tonight the first real training session begins. Camp Biggest Loser’s going to disappear in a flood of sweat, tears and vomit!

At some point they’re going to find out when they die, too. Dr Swan’s going to be an even bigger arsehole this year.

And they’re promising Michelle is back tonight and she’s a secret weapon of some kind.

But first everyone’s slowly waking up and getting up out of bed and thinking about breakfast… when a bugler starts sounding off out the front. Everyone trundles out front in their jimjams still, much to Shannan’s amusement. Strange training clothes!

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9×03 – The Punisher Punishes Punishees and Pavement

Previously on The Biggest Loser Challenge Australia Ararat The Fattest Town In Australia… Shannan and Steve collected a handpicked crew of “champions” to come back to Camp Biggest Loser for special training, challenges and a bunch of weightloss!

Tonight, Michelle finally shows up! Maybe. Not sure. Who cares what else is happening?

Well, also tonight there’ll be a challenge involving giant chains of doom being dragged across a beach. The champions will hear their bio age (maybe?) along with, for the first time, their expected date of death. Ouch!

But first a tough challenge, walking up and down the front steps of the Opera House… and Mr Voiceover Man is suggesting someone’s journey may be over as a result. DUN DUN DUNNNNN.

As the episode picks up we’re getting a short replay of what happened on Monday, with the champions turning up and meeting Hayley. Hayley immediately sets them a pre-house-warming challenge. She’s calling it “The Punisher”.

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9×02 – First Weigh In! Then They Go On A Traiiiin

Previously on The Biggest Loser Commando Steve and Shannan went to the town of Ararat and scared a few kilograms off the residents. And then they trained a few and probably knocked another few off besides.

Tonight the chosen 14 will weigh in for the very first time in front of their friends and families. A new record for heaviest female will be set, apparently. Mary is fairly tall, I guess, so with all that weight stacked on an already large frame the number could be a little scary.

Also there’s going to be some abseiling down a cliff before they can get to the house? I thought climbing the mountain and working out on top was the entry test?

We start the episode with a beautiful sunrise and some lovely bushland. The trainers have the champions on a bushwalk to their next challenge location. Everyone’s still a little tired and sore after yesterday’s epic workout.
But it’s time to prove they’ve got what it takes to get to the house, Shannan says.

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