Kirsten Binnie (Season 3)

Kirsten Binnie - Profile PictureName: Kirsten Binnie
Age: 32 (21/06/1975)
Height: 178cm
From: Melbourne, Victoria
Occupation: Teacher (Website Developer is listed on the official site)
Goals: To get married, have children and have her dad walk her down the aisle for the wedding. It’s a bit out of order but she was doing intense exercise at the time!

Starting Weight: 126.8kg
Week 1: 120.8kg (LOSS: 6kg)
Week 2: 116kg (LOSS: 4.8kg)
Week 3: 113.1kg (LOSS: 2.9kg)
Week 4: 105.4kg (LOSS: 7.7kg)
Week 5: 100.1kg (LOSS: 5.3kg)
Week 6: 97.3kg (LOSS: 2.8kg)
Week 7: 93.4kg (LOSS: 3.9kg)
Week 8: 90.6kg (LOSS: 2.8kg)
Week 9: 88.9kg (LOSS: 1.7kg)
Week 10: 84.1kg (LOSS: 4.8kg)
Week 11: 82.2kg (LOSS: 1.9kg)
Week 12: 81.5kg (LOSS: 0.7kg)

Used to play water polo for Australia!

(from the official site)
Food: Garlic prawns
Dessert: Cheesecake
Drink: Coke
Tv Show: Prison Break
Movie: Primal Fear
Colour: Red
Place to travel: The beach
Hobby: Water polo

My reason(s) for applying for Biggest Loser are:
To change my life permanently; to lose weight; to get fit; to get back to being my former self and to be happy. I want to be able to feel confident all the time and to get out and meet new people, especially a nice guy. Also, I want to get back to playing water polo and enjoying it.

I first realized I was overweight and needed help when:
I was watching Biggest Loser 2 and realised I too could do that and regain my confidence. Then, I decided to apply and since then every time I go into a clothes shop I know I made the right decision to apply.

I hope to lose weight but gain:
Confidence; pride; happiness and get a fit, healthy body and a new lifestyle to go with it!

The previous contestant I have found inspiring was (and why?):
Definitely Munnalita; she worked so hard and really wanted to lose weight and win. She was not fake; she tried hard and also didn’t hide her real feelings or desires.

The best part of being on Biggest Loser is:
Getting fit, healthy and happy; learning to change my lifestyle and doing it with other like minded people and getting expert advice and support while trying to achieve my goal.

I am preparing myself for this journey by:
Listening and learning; emptying my mind of all my previous life experiences and readying myself to give my all to this.

I think the most difficult part of being on Biggest Loser will be:
Not contacting family and friends and the workouts.

My biggest weakness is:

Some bad habits I would like to get rid of are:
Eating because I am bored; eating bad foods just because they are there; not exercising enough and putting off my weight loss journey!

The one thing I want Australia to know about me is that:
I’m really, really determined to change my life and be the first female Biggest Loser (winner!)

I think I will win the Biggest Loser because:
I’m determined and I never give up. Because of my sporting background, I’m used to hard work and I know what it involves so I’m looking forward to the challenge. I’ll give 100%

One thing I have never done because I was overweight and will do once I loose the weight will be to:
To do some adventure sports such as bungee jumping and flying fox (because recently when I was on holiday I couldn’t do such adventures because I was overweight.)

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