Phoebe Noble

Phoebe Noble

Niece of Jenni
Age: 19
Lives: Marrickville, NSW
Height: 164cm
Marital Status: has a boyfriend, Eddie
Children: None
Occupation: Admin Officer – in student equity and disabilities unit of UNSW

Phoebe feels she is missing out on the life of a ‘normal’ 19 year old because of her weight. She admits she has no confidence and avoids going out because she thinks she doesn’t look good in anything. She feels like a social outcast and feels like she’s being judged by people all the time.

Phoebe admits that she’s an emotional and secretive eater. She started gaining weight at school when she would sneakily buy food and when her mum asked her about her weight gain she would feel angry and eat more to get back at her mum.

Phoebe’s boyfriend Eddie has just recently lost his excess weight and she envies him that she can’t be as disciplined.

Phoebe is taking part in The Biggest Loser with her aunt Jenni. They live together and Phoebe says she’s closer to Jenni than her mum.

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