Sam Rouen (Season 3)

Sam Rouen - Profile PictureName: Samuel Rouen (Sam)
Age: 19 (25/02/88)
Height: Not listed
From: Campbelltown, NSW
Goals: To stop getting teased at uni, to have the confidence to meet new people, to have a better quality of life in the future.

Starting Weight: 154.6kg
Week 1: 143.7kg (LOSS: 10.9kg)
Week 2: 136.7kg (LOSS: 7kg)
Week 3: 135.7kg (LOSS: 1kg)
Week 4: 127.9kg (LOSS: 7.8kg)
Week 5: 121.9kg (LOSS: 6kg)
Week 6: 119.2kg (LOSS: 2.7kg)
Week 7: 116kg (LOSS: 3.2kg)
Week 8: 111.5kg (LOSS: 4.5kg)
Week 9: 108.8kg (LOSS: 2.7kg)
Week 10: 103.3kg (LOSS: 5.5kg)
Week 11: 100kg (LOSS: 3.3kg)
Week 12: 97.8kg (LOSS: 2.2kg)

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Already a bit of a fuss over Sam, with some folks on the official forum rubbishing the idea that he has been teased at university. Those people insist that such things just don’t happen at uni. It is, of course, impossible to tell whether he’s really being teased or not, or whether he’s actually being harassed because he’s just a git. We ought to find out once the show begins airing.
One person who claimed to know Sam, in a topic that has since been deleted, said that Sam is actually studying something to do with Sports Science, which might explain why he’s being ridiculed – people his size only have three places in sport. Discus, Shot Put and Sumo.
On the up side, if he is studying such things at university, he should have a leg up when it comes to understanding why he’s asked to do certain things in training, which might make it easier for him to stay motivated.
Definitely one to watch!
Update: As it turns out, Sam is indeed studying a sports related course at university.

(from the official site)
Food: Meat Supreme Pizza and Jalapeños
Dessert: Ice Cream
Drink: Chocolate Milkshakes or Beer
Tv Show: The Chaser
Movie: The Patriot
Colour: Green
Place to travel: Currarong
Hobby: Card games and poker

My reason(s) for applying for Biggest Loser are:
To lose enough weight to be able to have a happy, healthy life; to be able to keep up with friends and family all of the time; I now feel uncomfortable in clothes and social environments, and I believe that the show could help me and perhaps to gain enough confidence to meet a lady friend!

I first realized I was overweight and needed help when:
Clothes didn’t fit me and every day life seems very strenuous and literally became a struggle.

I hope to lose weight but gain:
A better quality of life; at the moment I am just letting life pass me as I miss out on many opportunities and experiences that my friends have and I hope to gain a lot of confidence and a constant high self esteem- I want to feel good all the time!

The previous contestant I have found inspiring was (and why?)
Big Wal; I thought that he was such a fun guy and had a big personality. Also, he looked so great after the show and head lost so much weight- his motivation really inspires me.

The best part of being on Biggest Loser is:
Being taken into such a healthy and positive environment. At home, exercise is low on my list of priorities- here I will be able to entirely focus on my health and really get my priorities in order.

I am preparing myself for this journey by:
Spending time with my friends and family and really having a real look at myself.

I think the most difficult part of being on Biggest Loser will be:
Leaving friends and family; they are a great support to me- the best support network (but I do know there will be support in the house!)

My biggest weakness is:
My confidence, I don’t have the confidence to do a lot of things, including exercising in a gym- I get really intimidated.

Some bad habits I would like to get rid of are:
My bad eating habits and becoming less lazy and have a go-get-’em attitude!

The one thing I want Australia to know about me is that:
I’m not just a statistic! I and other overweight people are humans too, we have emotions and feelings like others. We really do have the motivation to lose weight and we don’t deserve to be treated poorly.

I think I will win the Biggest Loser because:
I have already won – getting this far to me is winning, as I have made this first big vital step and whether I lose 1kg or 50kg if I leave with an ounce of motivation I will be able to make it work.

One thing I have never done because I was overweight and will do once I loose the weight will be to:
Go shopping with friends and walk into stores confidently, being able to try and buy whatever I liked and especially without being judged and mocked.