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TBL 5×01: Couples 2, Elephant Boogaloo.

“This is the start of the journey…” One of the contestants as a countdown displays on screen with a montage of shots of the training to come…

First proper shot is of the new contestants being revealed as a roller door comes up. The contestants then file into what looks to be an aircraft hangar. Why’re they trying to make them look smaller right at the start of the series!

There’s an array of TVs set up with pictures of previous contestants and they stand around in the center. Then a mysterious shadow comes strutting towards them. And the shadow is Hayley Lewis! Cue rapturous applause from everyone. Woo!

Apparently it’s not really an aircraft hangar, it’s actually where the previous Finales have all been staged. It’s looking pretty empty at the moment though.
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Biggest Loser controversy before the show even begins!

If you’re the sort who tends to avoid any pre-show articles on The Biggest Loser you probably missed the reports that a contestant in this year’s show has been charged with possessing child pornography.

The producers of the show have made the decision to edit both him and his partner out of the show entirely, removing any references to them ever having been there. Hopefully they won’t just replace planned clips of that couple with even more repeats of earlier footage of other contestants…

What follows is somewhat more of a spoiler so I will put it after the break…

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Biggest Loser 2010 Sneak Peek!

And so it begins…

Click here to watch the Sneak Peek on the official site.

I’m trying to keep my enthusiasm in check but after watching that Sneak Peek I have to admit I am intrigued!

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