Elise Cameron

Elise Cameron

Twin sister of Teneale
Age: 24
Lives: Petersham, NSW
Height: 161cm
Marital Status: Single
Children: None
Occupation: Uni Student

Elise is taking part in The Biggest Loser with her twin sister Teneale. Elise says that without Teneale she would have no life as she has no friends.

She feels like she’s living the life of a 50 year old hiding away at home and studying instead of socialising. Elise is scared of putting herself in new social situations because of her size. She always wears black which she describes as “a fat persons uniform”.

Elise feels she is the bigger twin and that she is a disappointment to her father who is healthy and fit. Elise’s mum is also overweight and constantly apologies to her for ‘passing on bad genes’.

Elise would like to lose weight not only for health reasons but she would love to meet Mr. Right and start a family one day.

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