Amanda and Stewart

AmandaName: Amanda Brock
Age: 34
Height: 170cm
Lives: NSW
Status: married
Children: Hannah (4)
Stepchildren: Samantha (18), Tegan (14).
Occupation: office temp
Biggest Loser partner: Stewart (husband)

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“It’s going to be hard and confronting, but life changing.”

Amanda wants to rediscover her passion for singing and regain the confidence she has lost with the weight she has gained. Having been told that “no one will hire a fat singer”, this office temp wants nothing more than to follow her dream of being a working singer again.

Amanda also wants to set a better example for her daughter, Hannah, who eats the unhealthy food that’s in the house – one week Hannah only ate fish and chips because that’s all her mother bought for dinner. This Biggest Loser contestant is concerned about her own health as well and worries that if she doesn’t change her ways, she’ll be dead by the time she’s 40.

Amanda’s sick of not being able to cut her toe nails and that fact that car seatbelts don’t fit her, and was mortified when a chair she sat on broke in a restaurant. She also can’t go on rides when her family goes to places like Dreamworld because the harnesses don’t fit her.

Amanda wants to go skydiving one day, another dream that will only be possible if she loses weight and changes her life to live a healthier lifestyle with her husband Stewart.

“The show will give me focus,” Amanda expects of her Biggest Loser experience. “It’s good that Stewart will be there because I will be able to talk to him about any issues I have. This is a journey that will change my whole being.”

Favourite foods:
Seafood platter
Sticky date pudding with toffee sauce
Hot chips

StewartName: Stewart Brock
Age: 44
Height: 181cm
Lives: Whitebridge, NSW
Status: Married
Children: Samantha (18) and Tegan (14) to previous wife; Hannah (4) to Amanda.
Occupation: Accountant
Biggest Loser Partner: Amanda (wife)

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“I hope by losing weight I can encourage Amanda to lose weight also.”

Stewart is beginning the Biggest Loser journey with his wife Amanda (corrected from official site), who he admits is his partner in crime when it comes to eating badly, “Amanda and I encourage each other in all the wrong ways when it comes to food.” When Amanda wants some chips, Stewart will go the shop to buy them and he says he has no will power when it comes to bad food choices. This accountant does no physical exercise to speak of and wishes his family could enjoy more outdoors activities together, especially kicking a footy around, which he loves.

Ever since Stewart lost a dangerous amount of weight when he was 11 years old because of an undiagnosed thyroid condition, he has preferred being bigger and eating more than being too skinny. While he was in a healthy weight range in his ‘20s, not looking after himself has now taken its toll on the father of three, who often feels tired and lethargic. Although he’s not overly worried about his health, which he knows is a problem in itself, Stewart wants the energy to be more active with his kids, especially his youngest daughter, Hannah.

While this husband admits he’s a Biggest Loser contestant because of his wife, he does hope that the show will change him as well. “I am slightly controlling in my relationship with Amanda and my family,” says Stewart. “As I will be out of my comfort zone by letting others take control over me, I hope that when I return I will be less controlling.”

Favourite foods:
Roast dinners