Romi Cook

Romi Cook

Wife of Allan
Age: 29
Lives: Hadfield, VIC
Height: 154cm
Marital Status: Married – BL partner Allan
Children: None – both desperate to start a family. Hoping for 2-3 kids
Occupation: Temping in admin and customer services

Romina says she eats to fill the void of having no baby. She is taking part in Biggest Loser thanks to husband Allan. They’re both desperate to have a baby but she can’t fall pregnant without losing weight. She also suffers from polycystic ovaries making it even more difficult for her to conceive.

Romi’s family also has a history of diabetes and she worries that if she doesn’t lose weight she will also develop it. She is a self confessed emotional eater and constantly argues with Allan over food.

Romi is under pressure from her parents to lose weight. Her dad is currently trying to lose weight as he is battling with prostate cancer.

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