CraigName: Craig
Age: 34
Lives: Ararat, Victoria
Status: Single
Occupation: Sales Manager
Favourite foods: Thai green curry, noodles, anything Asian and spicy
Motivation to lose weight: Craig wishes for a healthier lifestyle where he can train his nephew for BMX competitions. He longs to meet the “love of his life”, settle down and have children. Craig would also like to be a part of a cricket or sporting club with his mates in Ararat and show them what he is made of.

Craig is a gentle giant who has realised that time is running out unless he starts to put himself first. A self-confessed workaholic, he is often up all hours of the night emailing and attending to his client’s needs. He eats, sleeps and breaths work and it has become detrimental to his health and well-being.

As a child, Craig competed in state, national and world BMX championships and recalls how amazing it was to feel “fit and active”. In his early 20s, he discovered alcohol and driving became the norm in his sales job. He found it easier to go through a drive through, eat at a restaurant or get take-away when he was on the road.

Craig’s last relationship ended five years ago because they were heading in different directions. He believes the breakdown had a lot to do with his weight, as his ex-fiancé was active and healthy. He spends a lot of time with his family and is very close with his Mother, Father and siblings; in particular, his Niece and Nephew, whom he adores.Craig’s biggest motivations to lose weight are to be able to train his Nephew in BMX competitions, meet the girl of his dreams and have a family of his own.

He is more than ready to tackle his issues head on and face the challenges that the biggest loser will throw at him. “I am as ready as I will ever be.”