Margie Cummins

Name: Margie Cummins
Age: 34
Height: 175cm
Lives: Brisbane
Status: Single
Children: No
Occupation: Pizza shop owner
Quote: “I am determined and will be working hard – I won’t take this chance for granted.”

Margie wants to gain confidence, self-worth and be able to look at herself in the mirror again. She dreams of getting back out on the water and following her true passion of surfing. Margie is going to bring her competitive streak into the game.

Margie is ready for a life change. “I’m ready to take on the high road!” Margie hasn’t been in a relationship in a long time and is looking for love. She knew from the tender age of six that she was different and came out to her parents about being gay when she was a child.

Margie used to be an elite athlete and represented Queensland in Women’s Rugby League and Women’s Rugby Union. She represented her school is swimming, shot-put and touch football, but after opening a chain of successful pizza shops, Margie very quickly started to pile on the kilograms and gave up on all her sporting passions, including surfing.

Margie describes herself as a humble woman and plans on competing with integrity and determination. “I’m preparing myself for the journey by opening myself up to new opportunities and going with the flow!” Margie’s goal is to live a long and healthy life filled with lots of love and happiness.

My reason for applying for The Biggest Loser:
To lose weight and to be fit.
I first realised I was overweight and need help when:
The last seven years I’ve been aware but only just had the drive to do something about it.
I hope to lose weight but gain:
Respect for myself – to be the best version of myself.
A past contestant I’ve found inspiring is:
Sharif Dean – best comeback – and Rebecca Moon.
The best part of being on The Biggest Loser is:
To be placed into a house where no excuses will work, so the only option is to work hard by training and eating right.
I am preparing myself for this journey by:
Having no expectations and trusting the process.
I think the most difficult part of being on The Biggest Loser will be:
Being away from friends, family and fur babies. No having the freedom I’m used to having.
My biggest weakness is:
Talking myself out of any situation – excessive eating.
The one thing I want Australia to know about me is that:
Even though I look cranky I’m actually not – I have a bad wrinkle thing going on between my eyes.
I think I will win The Biggest Loser because:
Anyone can win The Biggest Loser – time will tell.
One thing I have never done because I was overweight and will do once I lose the weight is:
Hot air ballooning.