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The Biggest Loser’s Biggest Ever Makeovers

Monday 24th of June – that’s this coming Monday – The Biggest Loser will be back!

Kinda. It’s a special episode airing 8.30pm (check your local guides) where the trainers, host and some special guests will take a look back at some of the most impressive transformations in the show’s history.

Special guests are listed as: Hayden Quinn (Masterchef?), Cameron Daddo (A Daddo!), Kyly Clarke (I have no idea!), Chris Brown (Bondi Vet), Deano and Hoppo (Bondi Rescue).

This may feature some catch up material with some former contestants, though that’s not stated anywhere. Suspect it will mostly be some chats with various Channel 10 personalities mixed with old footage, but you never know.

Currently I am not planning to write a recap for this. Though I may have some thoughts to express afterwards. :-)