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TBL 7×06 – The First Contest Of Season 7!

Previously on The Biggest Loser there was a Challenge and training and a weigh-in and really nobody is going to care about any of that. It’s all about THAT elimination.

Selena was sent home last night after the White and Blue Teams fell below the Yellow Line. The other contestants were given the option to send nobody home at all, or could have sent the much bigger threat from the Blue Team home.

Tonight the shit is going to hit the fan! The trainers and most of the contestants are going to question Margie’s decision to send Selena home – and Margie’s not going to take it lying down. This is not going to be pretty!

Later in the episode the first Contest for the year kicks off with an as yet unrevealed reward on the line.

But as the episode gets going the Black and Red Teams are filing into Loser Lounge and are shortly followed by… Hamish!

The look of horror on the faces of the White Team shows that even though there may not have been as much team spirit there as there could have been, the girls have still been hit hard.
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TBL 7×05 – Elimination Extravaganza! Drama Ahoy! Someone Get The Popcorn!

Previously on The Biggest Loser… I forget. It was so long ago. How are we supposed to remember what happened multiple days ago?

It’s gonna take a MONTAGE!

Previously on The Biggest Loser the contestants were plucked from around the country by their trainers and brought to Camp in the middle of quite the storm. After drying out they weighed in for the first time, trained for the first time, had Temptation for the first time and started a Challenge for the first time.

Tonight they finish a Challenge for the first time, have a competitive weigh-in for the first time, have an Elimination for the first time and have their first post-Elimination barney.
Should be fun!

As the episode picks up we’re still rowing our boats down the stream alongside the teams. Black’s still in the lead and the Red team is still nipping at their heels in a sprint to the finish.
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TBL 7×04 – Tempted By Temptation? Challenged By A Challenge? Cuckoo For Cocoa Puffs?

Previously on The Biggest Loser the contestants weighed in for the first time, trained for the first time and were Temptationed for the first time!
Everyone shared their deepest darkest secrets in the Loser Lounge.

Tonight, MOAR TEMPTATION! More training, too. And Shannan’s going to get stroppy with Hamish.
Also the first Challenge for the year kicks off. With flippers. Oars? It’s on the water.

“You play, you pay.” Shannan’s mantra for Temptations.

As the show picks up we’re back in the Temptation room. The Wheel of Temptation now has 13 wedges of Immunity and 13 of Calorie laden treats!
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TBL 7×03: And your bio age is OH HOLY CRAP. Are you sure that’s right?

Previously on The Biggest Loser… BIGGEST CONTESTANT EVER!

Also, Bek spat the dummy and got ejected from Tiff’s dojang, the first to ever be kicked out by Tiffiny and perhaps the first to be told to get out by a trainer?

Tonight, biological age doctor guy is back to give them the bad news! A dump truck full of a representative amount of lard is there to disgust us all.
And it looks like the first Temptation of the year has a Wheel of Fortune element to it. With Immunity on the line and it being so early in the competition you can bet a few will take a punt!

But first we’re back to Tiffiny pushing Bek to her breaking point – and beyond!
“Get out of my dojang now!” “FINE!”
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TBL 7×02: New World Record And Training Begins!

Previously on The Biggest Loser sixteen overweight singles got roped into visiting Fat Camp!

The contestants began their first weigh-in at Camp but we only got part way through before they decided to cut us off.

Tonight, the rest of the weigh-ins and then the training begins. Will one of Tiffiny’s charges walk out of the competition on the first day? Surely not!

As we pick up the episode after the rubbish new intro we’re listening to Bek talk about her fear. Bek is Rebekah. Stop messing with the names, gosh!

Over 30 men weigh-in resumes tonight with Alex hopping up onto the scales again.
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