Monica Smith (Season 3)

Monica Smith - Profile PictureName: Monica Smith
Age: 20 (26/10/87)
Height: Not listed
From: Perth, WA
Occupation: Childcare Assistant
Goals: To stop being teased for her weight.

Starting Weight: 116.8kg
ELIMINATED IN WEEK 1 (Lost 17.6kg since starting on The Biggest Loser)

(from the official site)
Food: One pan dinners
Dessert: Nanna’s ice cream cake
Drink: Pepsi Max
Tv Show: House, NCIS
Movie: White Chicks
Colour: Green or Purple
Place to travel: Germany
Hobby: Softball

My reason(s) for applying for Biggest Loser are:
To regain my health again; to stop people from teasing me; to gain respect from people for being myself not for what I look like and because it is something I have wanted to do for ages.

I first realized I was overweight and needed help when:
I have always known ever since primary school that I was overweight; the children used to tease me everyday and I had to hide.

I hope to lose weight but gain:
My life; respect from other people and not have young children making comments when I walk past.

The previous contestant I have found inspiring was (and why?):
Kimberlie; she was around the same weight as me and for some reason I looked up to her for the person she was and the way she stood for what she wanted.

The best part of being on Biggest Loser is:
Proving to myself and others I can do this.

I am preparing myself for this journey by:
Thinking positive and trying to do and complete everything thrown at me during this whole journey.

I think the most difficult part of being on Biggest Loser will be:
Facing my fears and being away from my family and friends.

My biggest weakness is:
When people tease or judge me, I give in and don’t stop them.

Some bad habits I would like to get rid of are:
Eating when I don’t want or need to and not being motivated.

The one thing I want Australia to know about me is that:
I am a strong minded person that wants to gain the respect of others

I think I will win the Biggest Loser because:
I am going to be myself and nothing but!

One thing I have never done because I was overweight and will do once I loose the weight will be to:
To get my dad to teach me to surf.

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