Tiffiny Hall (Trainer)

Tiffiny Hall

Newest trainer Tiffiny Hall

Recently voted one of the ten healthiest people in Australia by The Herald Sun, author, journalist, martial arts expert and one time Gladiator, TIFFINY HALL has become the latest addition to the Biggest Loser training family and it’s a role that she seems to have been preparing for her entire life.

Daughter of an Olympic taekwondo coach and born to a mother who is also a black belt, she was always destined to have a fighting spirit, something she intends to bestow upon her contestants. The message is simple, but feisty:

“Fight for your lives. Fight for your pride. Fight for your health. And if you’ve given up the fight, I’m here to help you unleash the inner warrior. You can change your life in a heartbeat. Anyone can be Weight-loss Warrior.”

Most recently, Tiffiny has been appearing on The Circle as the show’s health expert helping Chrissie Swan to lose weight but when she was approached to join this year’s Biggest Loser, it was a resounding YES!

“I see it as an amazing opportunity to give Australia their black belt in health”….and given that she’s a 5th Dan black belt in taekwondo herself, that’s not out of the realms of possibility.