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9×32 – The Biggest Loser: Challenge Australia – Finale Recap

Previously on The Biggest Loser THE ENTIRE FUCKING SEASON!

Tonight it all comes to an end with the finale. Which champion from Ararat will be the most championest of all?

Eleventy weeks ago Shannan and Steve kicked off a revolution in Ararat, dubbed the fattest in the country. Given the tools and assistance they were set the goal of losing 26,000kg during the course of the show. A challenge they accepted and passed!

Lots and lots of recapped footage starts the show. Then a reminder it’s down to Sharon, Craig, Katrina and Toni for the finale tonight. They’ve worked hard for their town, hard for their families and hard for themselves.

And for the finale they’re at the town hall in Ararat. Hayley comes out on a big fancy stage in a hot pink dress to have a natter to the crowd about how the champs have done so well, worked hard, had some fun along the way. But it comes down to tonight, who did the best? Lots of cheers as Hayley announces all the final four’s names.

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The Biggest Loser Finale Rescheduled – Now Sunday!

I guess someone thought Sunday night was a better time to send out the finale, because changing the timeslot will help with the ratings!

Anyway, the finale will now air at 6.30pm on Sunday night (check local guides) until 8.30pm. So at least it’s all happening in the one night.

What’s taken Loser’s place tonight? Jamie and Jimmy’s Food Fight Club, where “celebrity chef Usain Bolt cooks up the dish that’s the secret to his success: his Aunt’s Jamaican Jerk pork”. Yep, they’ve replaced the fat people show with a cooking show. Again.

9×31 – The Penultimate Penultimate and The Punisher!

Previously on The Biggest Loser… eleven weeks of torment! Fourteen champions from Ararat (and Kevin) have been whittled down to just five.

Tonight they’re doing a revisit of The Punisher challenge from week one, with added training thrown in to make it a last chance training session.

Then a final weigh in and a final elimination. Only four get to make it to finale…

And about that. Finale will actually air over TWO NIGHTS. Tuesday and Wednesday next week. God knows why, the ratings have been appalling, just get it over with!

Sharon’s pretty happy for her final training session since she won’t have to go through that pain again but also sad because there’ll be no more Commando. They’re close, she says.

This is also the first training session since the Train the Trainer bit. So it’s going to be a good one.

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9×30 – Train the Trainers!

Previously on The Biggest Loser Jane was sent home at the elimination after Kevin was sent home at the end of the Super Challenge. Many tears were shed as the Awesome Foursome became a threesome. And possibly a twosome, if Kerry and Craig can win at the last weigh in…

Tonight Dr Swan is back to tell the contestants their new life expectancies. Then it’s time for the contestants to train the trainers, with some added farm shenanigans for good measure.

As the trainers arrive for training the shoe is on the other foot. The contestants all have their own custom shirts with nicknames on the back. Kerry’s The Mean Machine, Sharon’s the Pocket Rocket, Katrina’s Super Kat, Toni’s the Smiling Assassin and Craig’s Crusher. They all have baseball caps with Ararat PT stitched on the back. Very cool!

Time to train the trainers. The trainers knew this was coming, of course, and they’re up for the challenge. Shannan says they’ve earned the chance to do this, they’re the final five, time for them to suck it up and show the contestants it’s not just talk on their end.

As they’re lead off for their sessions Steve says goodbye and he hopes the medics can be in three places at once!

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Finale airing next Tuesday night!

We don’t have much longer to wait to find out who takes out the title of The Biggest Loser this year. The Finale airs Tuesday, 8th of April at 7.30pm. It’s scheduled to go for an hour but expect it to run long, it always does!

Of course I say “this year” but all this happened last year, with the Finale being taped around July. The Biggest Loser has a fairly casual relationship with time…

There should be one more elimination between now and then, possibly during Friday night’s episode?

But forget about that – who do we think will win? My money’s on Craig, if he can survive till then!