Allan Cook

Allan Cook

Husband of Romi
Age: 34
Lives: Hadfield, VIC
Height: 185cm
Marital Status: Married – wife Romina is BL partner
Children: None
Occupation: Sales Account Manager

Allan started to gain weight at the age of 17 when he began working in hospitality and developed a love for partying and boozing. He’s tried every diet under the sun and has even had lap-band surgery. He thinks about his weight all the time and worries every day that he will have a heart attack.

Allan wants to lose weight for a number of reasons. Tragically his mum has already lost two sons in accidents and Allan doesn’t want her to lose another son.

He is also desperate to start a family with his wife Romina who is his Biggest Loser partner. He says it was love at first sight with Romi and that meeting her saved and changed his life but his weight and his problem with sleep apnea is currently affecting the intimacy in their relationship.

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