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Biggest Loser Romance Revealed!

Tiffiny “Blabbermouth” Hall has revealed that at least one romance is on the go inside Camp Biggest Loser.

I’m not going to put the names out here, or in the title, just in case any one would rather avoid the spoilers. Read on if you want to know!

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Big News: World’s Biggest Biggest Loser Is Biggest In World! (Spoilers)

One of the young guns in Shannan’s team this year will set a new record for the heaviest contestant ever to appear on the show.

For those who’d rather wait to find out the magnitude during the show, you should stop reading here.

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Pre-Show Scandal? Check! Contestant to be booted mid-season. (Spoilers!)

Those who were around two years ago might remember the announcement before the show aired that one contestant would be effectively erased from existence due to criminal charges being laid in relation to child pornography offences.

Nothing quite so salacious this year, but in the news today is a story regarding one contestant’s eviction from the show due to an overindulgence in alcohol. aren’t saying who, but do reveal it will be one of the male contestants, presumably meaning it will be one of Shannan or The Commando’s charges, barring any team swapping shenanigans.

So, get your bets in now – will it be one of Shannan’s young guns or one of Commando’s old bull brigade? My money’s on one of Shannan’s team!

(Thanks to @wittle_puppy on the Twitters. Send me tips on Twitter – @mythor )

Biggest Loser controversy before the show even begins!

If you’re the sort who tends to avoid any pre-show articles on The Biggest Loser you probably missed the reports that a contestant in this year’s show has been charged with possessing child pornography.

The producers of the show have made the decision to edit both him and his partner out of the show entirely, removing any references to them ever having been there. Hopefully they won’t just replace planned clips of that couple with even more repeats of earlier footage of other contestants…

What follows is somewhat more of a spoiler so I will put it after the break…

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Biggest Loser 2010 Sneak Peek!

And so it begins…

Click here to watch the Sneak Peek on the official site.

I’m trying to keep my enthusiasm in check but after watching that Sneak Peek I have to admit I am intrigued!

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