Holly and Melanie

HollyName: Holly Scouler
Age: 20
Height: 178cm
Lives: WA
Status: boyfriend of two years, Ben.
Occupation: admin/accounts manager
Biggest Loser partner: Mel (little sister)

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“I need this because I need my life to change.”

In high school Holly was slim, attractive and the centre of attention – now she feels she stands out for all the wrong reasons. She feels terrible about teasing her sister Mel for being overweight in those days and wants to make it up to her. This contestant hopes that by having Mel as her partner in the Biggest Loser experience, they will become closer.

This formerly sporty girl says that giving up regular exercise and settling into her relationship and working life contributed to her weight gain, as well as eating chocolate every day.

Holly’s worried that being bigger will make her less attractive to her boyfriend Ben. As well as missing the clothes she used to wear and not liking what she sees in the mirror now, Holly is worried about her long term health – she doesn’t want to die young and she wants to be healthy to have children.

“I caught up with some friends that I had not seen in several years, and they did not recognize me,” recounts Holly of a humiliating experience. “I had to explain to them that it was me and they just said, ‘You’re big. You didn’t used to be this big!’”

“The show will provide me with the motivation I need,” says this sister of being on the Biggest Loser. “There will be a strong support group where I will be able to lose weight with people who know how I am feeling.”

Favourite foods:
Italian: pasta, pizzas and tiramisu.
Battered fish and chips
Loves carbs: “they make me feel good”.
Black forest gateau, cheesecake and trifle.
Coke – 4 cans every day.

MelanieName: Melanie Scouler
Age: 18
Height: 173cm
Lives: WA
Status: engaged
Occupation: admin/receptionist
Biggest Loser partner: Holly (sister)

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“No 18-year-old should be the way I am.”

Mel wants nothing more than to be like other girls her age. She wants to go clubbing (she loves dancing), buy clothes off the rack in shops she actually likes and swap clothes with her slim friends, which she has never been able to do.

Her sister and Biggest Loser partner, Holly was always the slim sister growing up and unrelentingly teased Mel during high school. Mel now hardly speaks to her sister and hopes that being so close together in the house will help repair their relationship.

Mel started to gain weight when her step-dad, who was a real source of support for her, left her mum when she was 12-years-old. When she met her fiancé aged 16, this contestant put on even more weight, settling into an inactive lifestyle with her partner.

She hopes to set a good example and cook healthy food for her children in the future when she has them, as well as eat more healthily with her husband-to-be.

Mel is sick of being tired all the time and being wiped out just by walking up a hill. She drinks copious amounts of coffee because of her fatigue and just wants the energy to live her life to the fullest.

“There will be a support system that does not exist in the real world,” says Mel of the Biggest Loser experience – support that she hopes will help her reinvent herself.

Favourite foods:
Cookies & cream ice cream
Apple pie