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Hayley Lewis Hosting Next Year’s Biggest Loser Australia!

Former Olympic swimmer Hayley Lewis will be hosting the new season of the show.
Hayley’s a mum of two these days and she revealed that she’s struggled a little with her own weight of late.

Apparently in the very first episode she will be setting the contestants a challenge that will span the entire season, with Hayley also participating in some fashion.
Also revealed was that Hayley will be having a lot more interaction with the contestants. In fact Hayley went to great pains to emphasise how much more involved she will be, obviously to make it clear she wasn’t going to be just a brunette-Ajay.

For the young whippersnappers in the audience, you can learn more about Hayley Lewis via Wikipedia.

So. What do we think? I’ve never seen her host anything but then the woman she’s replacing had never really hosted much before either!

New Biggest Loser Australia Host on 7PM Project Tomorrow Night

Just a short note to let anyone who happens to be reading this during the off season… Ch10’s The 7PM Project will have the new host of The Biggest Loser in for an interview tomorrow night!
That’s Tuesday, 13th of October, 7PM, Channel 10.

Will post any intriguing details tomorrow after the show!