MaryName: Mary
Age: 48
Lives: Ararat, Victoria
Status: Married
Occupation: Customer Service at Medicare
Favourite foods: Bread, ice cream
Motivation to lose weight: Mary hopes she can take away sustainable knowledge to stay fit and healthy, make her family proud and, most of all, help Ararat and the community.

Mary is our heaviest female in Australian The Biggest Loserhistory. She is loud, lovable, determined and funny. A big ball of laughter and filled with love for others, Mary is bold and brave and ready to take on her biggest challenge yet.

Mary has been overweight all her life. She lost kilos in 2007, but she has regained every kilo. The only exercise she enjoys is swimming as she feels lighter in the water.

Born and bred in Ararat, Mary is very proud of her town and its community. She has been with her husband, Anthony, for 19 years. But as she suffers from polycystic ovaries, they have been unable to have children. Being childless is a great sadness for Mary; however, she has a large family and lots of nieces and nephews, whom she adores.

Mary’s number one indulgence is sugar; she craves it constantly and tries to resist it, but always fails. She believes she is known as“the happy fat person”, but is secretly crying on the inside.Working at the local Medicare office, Mary has often been unsuccessful in getting other jobs as she is “too fat”. Mary knows it is time to change and show everyone that she can be a healthier person.

In her spare time, Mary helps out with the musical comedy society in Ararat and loves to sing and work backstage. She also loves travelling, scrapbooking and piecing together her family history. Ararat is her world and she is thrilled that The Biggest Loser is going to change the town for the better. “I can’t wait to go traveling in comfort and be able to participate in all the activities that I am unable to do at my current weight.”