Jarna Craig

Jarna Craig

Friend of fellow teacher, Lisa
Age: 38
Lives: Ellenbrook, WA
Height: 171 cm
Marital Status: Single
Children: None
Occupation: School Principal (kids with disabilities – mostly intellectual)

Jarna is worried that she is going to be fat, forty and alone if she doesn’t lose weight now. At 38 years old she is single and blames it on her weight. She would like to find love and have a baby but feels there is no chance of that whilst she’s still at her current size.

With a family history of heart attacks – sadly claiming the lives of her grandfather and uncle – Jarna is terrified she’s headed in the same direction.

Although she’s confident and outspoken she hates being labelled as “the funny fat chick”.

Jarna admits being married to her work – she’s the first one in and the last one out – so has become used to snacking to save on time.

She is taking part in The Biggest Loser with her co-worker Lisa who is her partner-in-crime at work where eating badly is concerned.

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