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Ajay's Profile PictureWhen The Biggest Loser’s producers were searching for the ideal Australian identity to represent physical transformation, the choice was obvious. A celebrated comic, presenter, writer and role model, AJ Rochester is the perfect all-rounder. As the lauded author of Confessions of a Reformed Dieter, Blubberguts and The Lazy Girl’s Guide to Losing Weight, the mother of 3 has been a major contributor to the current revolution in healthy eating and exercise.

But only 3 years ago, this charismatic celebrity was struggling through her own battle with obesity, seemingly beaten by her snowballing weight problem. What came next was an epiphany that led to not only a miraculous metamorphosis and loss of over 50 kilos, but also a resulting career as she shared her experience through motivational speeches and popular books, inspiring thousands of Australians to follow her example.

A top identity in the mediums of print and television, AJ reached into the worldwide web in 2005 with her online weight-loss support network, Healthy Body Club. It seems that AJ Rochester is determined to use every method at her disposal to revolutionise the attitudes of our nation, and as the host of Australia’s second series of The Biggest Loser, AJ is set to continue her mission.

MySpace: ajayrochester

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