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9×28 – Super Challenge Part Two – Jumping Off Things Boogaloo

Previously on The Biggest Loser the final challenge of the competition kicked off. And it’s Super, thanks for asking!

Tonight the Super Challenge continues with the person coming in last being instantly eliminated. At this stage Caitlin’s in last place having wussed out of crossing the rope bridge across the harbour. Sharon’s in first place, surprisingly, and should be safe if she can keep going…

The episode picks up with Caitlin jumping off the bridge. Katrina’s next out on the rope and she’s doing fairly well, getting right across.

Next up is Kevin. But Kevin’s a big guy, both tall and still very heavy, for all his losing 100kg.

And yet he makes it right across! Well done Kevin. Craig also makes it across on his second attempt, leaving just Caitlin on the far side of the rope bridge.

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9×27 – Super Challenge Fun Times Go!

Previously on The Biggest Loser Rodger got sent home again. Poor fella!

The “Awesome Foursome” has been revealed and they’re forming a powerful voting bloc at eliminations.

Tonight there’s a lot of Face Your Fears stuff. Katrina has to get in a tank with sharks… with Paul the shark attack survivor we saw earlier in the series!

But first the trainers have turned up to the house to find out who got eliminated. Rodger’s gone but it’s what Mish expected.

Then Hayley turns up to announce it’s challenge week. Super Challenge! You’ll need to rise to the challenges presented this week because by the end of the week three people will be sent home. That’s so many for one week.

Time to prepare for Super Challenge week and Steve says the best way to prepare is to get training.

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9×26 – Last Chance Weigh In Elimination Toot Toot

Previously on The Biggest Loser the remaining contestantchampions got their makeovers at last. Then they had another “pigs in mud” challenge right afterward. Bit mean.

Tonight they seem to be in a studio with a desk and doing interviews and ohhhh, no, this is just The Project running way over time. I was confused.

TONIGHT! The game is afoot! Last chance training follow by another weigh in and elimination. Will the ridiculous “Awesome Foursome” dominate or be decimated?

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9×25 – Makeover Day. And then PIGS. IN. MUD!

Previously on The Biggest Loser it was Makeover Day at last. And tonight it’s still Makeover Day. Does it ever end?

When we left the show on Wednesday night Kevin had just proposed to his long term girlfriend Julie and we were waiting for her answer. Tonight we better bloody find out what she says pretty quickly.

Later tonight… PIGS. IN. MUUUUUUUUUUUD!!!

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9×24 – MAKEOVER TIME! Does my hair look pretty?

Previously on The Biggest Loser Cal was sent home, again, only this time he really went home. Mary was also sent home.

Tonight it’s part one of the makeover show. Primping and trimming and dressing in pretty things. And Kevin’s going to propose to his girlfriend, oooh!

Various townsfolk from Ararat will be showing up for the fashion show but since the makeovers will be continuing on Friday you can bet there’s going to be an annoying break somewhere silly.

But first the trainers turn up the next morning to see the new remaining contestants. Caitlin’s survived and now they’re 9, which is very convenient Mish points out. Nine contestants, three trainers. Three contestants per trainer.

Ladies pick first, Steve defers to Mish. Michelle picks Rodger, as they’ve basically been training together since almost the start anyway. Then Caitlin, because Michelle thinks they’re just getting started, making some breakthroughs and so on. Her last pick is Toni. Mish sees a lot of potential in her but also wants to give her a chance to shine on her own, away from her husband Kerry. Toni’s got a great attitude, Mish says, and wouldn’t feel nervous about getting a new trainer.

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