Rebecca Moon

Age: 34
Goal weight: 70kg
Lives: Ourimbah, NSW
Marital status: 174cm
Children: Three – Oliver (8), Toby (4), Ruby (1)
Occupation: Retail management

With a family history of cancer and heart disease – her mother had a triple bypass aged 51 – Rebecca is terrified that her weight will mean she’s not around long enough to see her kids grow up.

Starved of energy due to her lack of fitness, Rebecca also wants to be able to play with her children. “I don’t want my kids to remember me as a fat mum,” she says.

Rebecca’s weight has been a millstone around her neck for far too long, and along with its many heartaches, comes not feeling confident or trim enough to wear the trendy clothes she so craves to take out for a spin.

Describing her family as strong women, opinionated, fun and competitive, Rebecca sees herself as a calming influence, but when the game begins has no intention of being a passive observer on her weight loss journey.

How are you related to your teammates?
What is your favourite food?
Lasagne and salad.
What are your hobbies?
Making bags, dancing.
Where would you like to travel most?
USA – Vegas, baby!
What is your dream job?
To teach children values on a healthy lifestyle and anti-bullying. To be a good ambassador.
What’s your idea of a good night out?
I love going out with friends for drinks and dancing, but it’s been a while.
What made you decide to go on The Biggest Loser?
I wanted to get my confidence back and live a long and happy life with my family.
What is your ultimate Biggest Loser goal?
To walk out feeling a new sense of self-worth.
What is your favourite TV snack?
A block of Turkish Delight chocolate and a can of V.
What are your biggest fears about the competition?
Not gaining enough knowledge to help myself and other people.
Who is your favourite ex-contestant? Why?
Tiffany – she was the same start weight as me and seemed to stay true to who she is. She’s a beautiful human being.
What will you miss most while in the house?
My family at home.