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Recap #68 – Thursday 26th April – The Grand Finale of The Biggest Loser Australia, Season Two.

Replays, replays, replays.
The overall Biggest Loser will also receive an $18,000 set of fitness equipment, on top of the $200,000 prize. Sweet!
Replays, replays, replays…

Want to know who wins? Or want to see more replays? Yay replays wins!

Nah, kidding, read on to find out who wins the major and minor prizes…

But just before we do, the predicted winners as voted by you, the readers of this blog?

Minor: Munnalita (Greg and Damien 2nd and 3rd)

Major: Marty (Pati and Chris roughly equal)

Did you guys get it right? We’ll see…

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Recap #67 – Sunday 22nd April – Special Recap of the Recap of the Season So Far Episode!

Previously, on The Biggest Loser, Munnalita got kicked in the rump. Hurrah!

Ajay welcomes us to the show from the driveway of the White House. Tonight… is going to be a cheesy clip show, it seems. Is this really going to be worth recapping? We’ll see…

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Recap #66 – Friday 20th April – The Final Elimination Ever!

Mmmmmmmmmm, chicken kickers.
Sorry, what was I saying? Oh, right, elimination night! Ding dong one of the witches is dead, which old witch? Find out which!

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Recap #65 – Thursday 19th April – The Last Last Chance Training, The Last White House Weigh-In, The Last Time Ajay Says That Stupid Line About Cutting The Fat?

Last Last Chance Training today!
Michelle says the trainers know this is the most important training session EVAR, it’s time for the contestants to get in there and fight. It’s time for them to show the trainers that they deserve the blackshirts they’re wearing. 12 weeks of work come down to this training session right now!

Who’ll fight? Who’ll win? Read on…

(Update: Finale is confirmed for next Thursday – 7.30pm to 9.30pm – check your local guides!)

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Contestant MySpace pages, Finale Recap Details and Big Brother Bollocks.

First up, I’ve been meaning to post these for quite a few days now (read: a week or two) – some of this season’s contestants have MySpace pages, and you can now find them on their respective profile pages. I’m unsure whether it’s just that the others don’t have a MySpace page or if I just couldn’t find the pages, but the only ones listed so far are the following: Kelly, Damien, Mel, Laura and Courtney.

Damien’s page seems as much a promotional thing for Dr Elephant, and Laura’s is likely to send you blind if you spend too long on the page (bright flashing colours are a really bad idea!), but for anyone who wanted to know if they have MySpace pages, the answer is yes!

A little extra digging around also revealed that Ajay and Bob both have MySpace pages, check their profiles for links: Ajay, Bob.

If anyone happens to know any other contestant or trainer MySpace pages, feel free to let me know. Second season only, not bothering with the first season folk at this stage.

Secondly, regarding the Finale, whenever it airs – the recap process will change on that night. During the show I will make and update a single post with just the previous/current/total weight losses and percentages, as close to “live” as I can manage, because I don’t want to wait around writing the recap instead of finding out who wins ASAP any more than you guys do. After the finale is finished I’ll go through and write up a “proper” recap and post that as a seperate entry, for those who enjoy such things. And then probably post an “entire series” recap a day or two afterwards.

Thirdly, I didn’t think anyone would actually ask, but since someone did it’s possible someone else will as well, so I’ll post an answer out here where people won’t miss it – I won’t be doing recaps of any kind when it comes to Big Brother as I do not watch the show unless forced to do so. I did this (the recap site) for The Biggest Loser because I enjoy the show and it was something to keep me occupied and out of trouble… somewhat. :)

Big Brother holds no interest for me. If I wanted to watch people sit around and chat, I have real life for that. If I wanted to see people in the shower, the internet is really really great… FOR PORN. Etc.

As I said in response to a comment asking if I would be, the only way it will happen is if I were offered money to do it. I could use the money and would suffer through the show for that if I had to… but not for fun, sorry!

Fourthly, nobody has asked this, but they might… I don’t have any plans to recap any other non-TBL shows at all after this series ends, though I may return to recap Series 3, or do the American version if it airs here, etc. In the interim I am considering doing some other intarweb projects and if I do, I’ll let people know via here.

I think that about wraps it up for now. Don’t forget to watch the show tonight and don’t forget it goes for an hour! :-)

(Update: Finale is confirmed for next Thursday – 7.30pm to 9.30pm – check your local guides!)