Courtney’s Profile PictureAge: 21
Height: 185
Start Weight: 139
Current Weight: 139
Target Weight: 90
Hometown: Varsity Lakes
Team: Red
MySpace: Courtney__Jackson

With striking looks, a sharp mind and great sense of humour, 21 year-old Courtney should be the life of the party. A gay man, living on the Gold Coast, the charismatic youth is supported by a loving partner and close friends who believe Courtney’s weight problem is the only thing stopping the character from being super-hot.

Living in the city of sand and surf, Courtney is constantly reminded of his obesity and whenever he hears laughter, he always wonders if he’s the brunt of the joke. On the beach, he seems to be the only bloke with a shirt on, when he shops for clothes he’s ushered to the big persons’ section, and worst of all, when he goes dancing, he’s always paranoid about his jiggling ‘man boobs’. Courtney would like nothing better than to shed his t-shirt at the beach, shop for the hottest labels and strut his stuff in the clubs.

The Biggest Loser will certainly offer a regime that is an extreme opposite of his life on the Gold Coast, but Courtney sees this journey as essential if he’s to achieve the super-fit body of his dreams and live a life free of paranoia.

Note: This page will be updated as the series progresses!

Weightloss Progress:

  • Week 0: 139.2kg
  • Week 1: 133.5kg – LOSS: 5.7kg
  • Week 2: 130.3kg – LOSS: 3.2kg
  • Week 3: 126.9kg – LOSS: 3.4kg
  • Week 4: 123.5kg – LOSS: 3.4kg
  • Week 5: 117.2kg – LOSS: 6.3kg
  • Week 6: 111.2kg – LOSS: 6kg
  • Week 7: 110.5kg – LOSS: 0.7kg
  • Week 8: 108.7kg – LOSS: 1.8kg
  • Week 9: 107.9kg – LOSS: 0.8kg
  • More Pictures:

    Courtney the scene kiddy!Courtney’s Makeover

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    • This guy is soooo cute! But far too trendy to a be hetro man lol
      Gotta have the token gay guy! :o)
      [I say that with affection of course!]

    • athousandmonkeys

      He makes me sick! The poll clearly shows I’m not alone in my opinion – and I reckon if I was gay I’d hate hime even more for perpetuating the catty/bitchy gay boy stereotype.

    • taiser

      hehe i think hes great.. an im proud of him, as im sure his family and friends are!

    • biggest loser fan

      Courtney is funny. I think he is purly playing the game. Yes he needs to lose some weight, but he seems to be lazier than others on the show. However he is doing a great job still losing weight. Good on ya Courtney, just be careful your bitchiness and backstabbing doesn’t get you thrown out the house, what will you do when Munnalita is gone?

    • carly the crocodile

      i’ve started to find courtney amusing. i don’t find munnilita amusing.

    • carly the crocodile

      i’ve started to find courtney much much more amusing – and munnalita too now – apparently it was her idea to pretend to pull damien’s name out of a hat. how very very sneaky of both of them: rather than the choice between an alliance with the more trustworthy but less powerful laura, or the less trustworthy but more powerful three friends, they have got a finger in both pies. well, courtney has anyway… munnalita only thinks she does.

    • carly the crocodile

      they don’t need their fingers in any pies anymore. they are capable of fending for themselves, getting through the game on their own strengths instead of hiding behind alliances. i sense that both their characters are improving as they are realizing this. they are becoming more compassionate, and developing more of a friendship than an alliance. they are concerned more about the weight loss, everyone’s weight loss, than about playing the game to win. munnalita’s massive 9kg loss will cement this positive turn. maybe if they were booted out earlier, they would not have gotten to this stage. i was as pissed off as anyone that alex got booted first, but his character was good and strong enough that he was psychologically capable of doing it on the outside. courtney and munnalita, on the other hand, as much as they were arseholes, were not psychologically ready to make it on the outside, but now they are. this is reason to stop feeling resentful towards them.

    • Benjamin Kidson

      Haha!! i loved seeing Courtney in the house, he was so funny!!

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