Luke Stephens

Name: Luke Stephens
Age: 26
Height: 180cm
Lives: Adelaide
Status: Single
Children: No
Occupation: Hotel Duty Manager
Quote: “I’m just a country boy stuck in the city.”

Luke has realised that if he continues to ignore his weight issues he could end up dying at a young age. “I need help now!” He wants to improve his life, regain his confidence and find a wife so he can start a family.

Luke is focussed, competitive and determined to win the title of Biggest Loser, “Once I set a goal I fight hard to get it!” Luke is a country boy and due to bad habits of eating large meals, eating late and being lazy, he has been overweight since he was eight years old.

Luke wants to turn his life around by losing weight and thinks the best motivation is being surrounded by people that know what he is going through. He is preparing himself for the journey by focussing on his end goal of getting down to 90kg, he is also thinking of all the things he can do better, once he reaches his goal.

Luke is a typical Aussie bloke: he drives a Ute, likes his beer, loves his footy, dreams of playing A-grade AFL for his old team and most importantly, to make his dad proud. He wants to prove to himself and to Australia that “If he can do it anyone can.”

My reason for applying for The Biggest Loser:
To turn my life around by losing weight. It’s harder to fail when you’re in the public eye.
I first realised I was overweight and need help when:
I realised I was overweight a long time ago but have realised now that if I leave it for much longer I could die. I need help now.
I hope to lose weight but gain:
Life and confidence.
A past contestant I’ve found inspiring is:
I have found all the contestants inspiring because it takes a lot of guts to take this step.
The best part of being on The Biggest Loser is:
That you are being watched by a lot of people that want you to do well. Plus you are surrounded by people that know what you’re going through.
I am preparing myself for this journey by:
Focussing on my end goal and thinking of things I will be able to do or do better when I hit my goals.
I think the most difficult part of being on The Biggest Loser will be:
Being away from friends and family.
My biggest weakness is:
Always doing things for other people and not looking after number one.
Some bad habits I would like to get rid of are:
Eating late, eating large meals and not exercising.
The one thing I want Australia to know about me is:
If I can do this then so can you. I’m just a country boy stuck in the city.
I think I will win The Biggest Loser because:
I am focussed and competitive. Once I set a goal I fight hard to get it.
One thing I have never done because I was overweight I will do once I lose the weight is:
Take my shirt off at the beach and dance while being sober.