Mandy & Brett

Mandy and Brett

Name: Mandy
Age: 53
Lives: Western Australia
Status: Married
Occupation: Admin Manager
Motivation to lose weight: Mandy wants to see Brett happy and increase her own confidence. She would love to weigh in at less than 75 kilos and dreams of looking fit and fabulous alongside Brett at the finale. “I shy away from social engagements – I am looking forward to walking in a room and feeling proud.”

Name: Brett
Age: 23
Lives: Western Australia
Status: Single
Occupation: I.T.
Motivation to lose weight: Brett wants to make his dad proud, gain confidence and ultimately run around and play basketball with his local team. “I am like my mum – shy – but I can’t wait to get healthier in order to travel to the states and continue to play basketball.”

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