Bob and Tiffany

BobName: Bob Herdsman
Age: 56
Height: 168cm
Lives: WA
Status: married to Jane for 37 years.
Children: Susan, Gary and Ben.
Occupation: business proprietor of roadhouse café.
Biggest Loser partner: Tiffany (daughter-in-law)

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“I really want to help Tiffany and I want to achieve my own goals so that I will be able to live a full and active life with my family.”

Bob was a policeman for 26 years and one of the red markers in the history of his weight gain was becoming a deskbound cop after being a street policeman. The real problem came later, though, when Bob opened a roadhouse café, where he eats hot chips pretty much all day when he’s working, as well as all the other fried temptations.

This Biggest Loser contestant misses all the activities he used to enjoy doing, such as abseiling, canoeing, hiking and scuba diving. He also wants his grandkids to see his true self when they look at him – not just his extra weight. This business owner also wants embarrassing incidents, such as the time an office chair collapsed under him in an important interview, to be a thing of the past.

The grandfather is very close to his Biggest Loser partner, his daughter-in-law Tiffany, who he regards as his own daughter and who he has always encouraged to lose weight.

“This is not just about losing the weight but changing the limiting factors that are holding me down,” Bob explains of being part of the Biggest Loser. “I said to Tiffany that if we are willing to humiliate ourselves on national TV, then we are willing to do anything because we have reached that point where we can’t take it anymore!”

Favourite foods:
Kebabs, curries, Mexican.
Krispy Kreme Donuts with freezing cold, full cream milk.
Root beer (Bob has an American root beer shrine in his house).
Roast pork or lamb with buttery mashed potato.

TiffanyName: Tiffany Herdsman
Age: 27
Height: 163cm
Lives: WA
Status: married to Ben.
Children: Isabelle (1)
Occupation: part time office worker/mother
Biggest Loser partner: Bob (father-in-law)

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“Being on the Biggest Loser is going to be an internal competition with myself more than anything.”

As well as being a mother to Isabelle, Tiffany works for her father-in-law, Bob, carrying out office duties for the family roadhouse café. She is very close to her father-in-law and says that their weight issues draw them together. “We have a mutual understanding of each other and we share a closer bond together than anyone else in the family because of our weight and our life histories,” Tiffany explains.

A devoted wife to Bob’s son, Ben, Tiffany worries about the effect her weight gain is having on her marriage, “My husband likes a curvaceous woman, but the amount of weight I’ve put on has made him unhappy and I know this.”

This contestant wants the energy to fully participate in family outings again, as it is she always feels tired and is embarrassed to be seen with others in public. Tiffany wants to be a more active mother for Isabelle and a healthier mother for any future children she may have – a difficult ultrasound due to her weight when she was pregnant is an experience that this young mother is keen not to repeat.

This chocoholic wants to change a lifestyle that consists of watching too much television and eating a block of chocolate when she’s both happy and sad.

“It is going to be hard and it is going to be confronting, but I finally want to achieve my objective,” expects Tiffany of the Biggest Loser. “This show will be the reality check that I need.”

Favourite foods:
Creamy garlic prawns
Beef and rice with béarnaise sauce
Hot chips